Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 106

To Grandfather!
Additional Chapter

The story takes place at Sieg’s family’s place.

After Arno was born, we received many presents from grandfather.
So Sieg and I wanted to repay him somehow.
Before, we already gave him wooden animal carvings and kuksas, so we thought that we shouldn’t make handicrafts.

“Then, why don’t we go to the department store at the capital?”

She told me that there is a large commercial complex a few hours away from House von Wattin’s fief by carriage.

“Would it be alright take Arno as well?”
“Well, that’s a delicate issue.”

Moving for long periods places a burden on children.
For that, we decided to consult a doctor and my parents-in-law.

The next day.
I consulted my parents-in-law, and they suggested that I should call a department store employee from the city. It seems that it would be possible to know what kind of goods people around grandfather’s age prefer.
Since they said that they knew the person for a long time, I asked them to take care of that.
When I told Sieg about that, she smiled, saying that it’s a good thing.
The doctor said that moving in carriages does not cause problems, so we can take Arno to the city. Grandfather will be happy too. However, it hasn’t even been a month since his birth so we shouldn’t strain him. For the present, I decided to take it to grandfather’s house in person.

“That’s how it is, so Arno has to watch the house with mum~”

Arno was staying still on my lap. When I rocked him, he let out a yawn. Even though he’s my child, he’s too cute. I wanted to smooch his puffy cheeks, but he was nodding off to sleep so I didn’t do it.
He fell asleep a while later, so I placed him in the cradle.
I knelt down and slowly moved the cradle.
The faint baby scent made me feel happy.
My cheeks kept getting loose from seeing his sleeping face, but since there would be no end to it I returned to my original spot.
I sat down next to Sieg.
My wife had her arms crossed and had a frown on her face. Just what might she be pondering?

“What is it?”
“Are you alright with the payment?”

Money for the goods.
Payment for grandfather’s present.
If I’m giving a gift to a marquess, I have to give a top-quality item.
He is a gentleman living in high society, so he has to be careful about what he wears. “What’s imp0rtant is the feeling ☆” doesn’t work for people living in that world.

“To be honest, I haven’t used the allowances I received from grandfather.”

Twenty nine years since birth. The money I received from grandfather every year was not used and stored in the bank of this country.
Grandfather told me to “be a proper gentleman” using the money, but for some reason I ended up not having a use for the money.
Of course it was forbidden for me to use it for the village.
It really was money with no good way to spend it.

“Isn’t that money for Ritzhard to buy clothes?”
“Ah, well, that’s right.”

I did use the money to buy dress suits and other goods for the balls every year.
However, more enough money was deposited every year.
The usage was limited, so I didn’t think of that as my money.

“I think giving a splendid present is something a gentleman should do.”

Anyhow, I can only use the money here. Even if I use it for grandfather, I probably won’t be scolded.

“Then, let me pay half.”
“I have money I saved up from my days in the military as well as lifetime gifts from father.”

I found out about Sieg’s assets for the first time.
It seems that she had been receiving money from father-in-law, and the amount was easily much greater than the total amount I received from grandfather.

“Sieg, amazing.”
“I never had the opportunity to use it before.”

She never withdrew money.
Apparently, she thought of using for the village, but she thought that it would have been nosy to give aid when it wasn’t requested.

“It sounds like you were rather bothered by it.”
“No, well, it is a difficult problem.”

Sieg really is kind, not harm my trifling pride by just suggesting means to raise money.
If I did ask for money from her, I probably would have been extremely embarrassed.
However, Captain Artonen saved the village from a financial crisis.
Now, we can function smoothly with just the budget from the country.
This was also thanks to her advice, so I have to be very thankful.

“Sieg, thank you.”
“I didn’t do anything.”

Being modest again!
More importantly, there was something bothering me so I asked.

“Why did father-in-law do something like giving you lifetime gifts?”
“He thought that I wouldn’t be able to marry, so he specially gave me those.”
“Ah, that’s why~”

Apparently Sieg’s family couldn’t even imagine that Sieg would marry.
Really~ I am a lucky person.
To marry such an amazing woman.

“What are you thinking of?”

Because I was grinning, Sieg eyed me suspiciously.
It seems like my road becoming a gentleman is far away.


A few days later, a department store employee came to the house with many goods.
When I went to the living room, there were various items laid on the table.
The clerk told us to take a look without hurrying.
Unlike the door-to-door merchants in the village, the clerk was not noisy, merely standing against the wall until called.
Pocket watches, canes, accessories, gloves, coats, hats, shoes, there were many expensive goods for nobles.

“N~n, what would be good.”
“This is rather tough.”

I don’t know anything regarding whether the products were good or not.
My parents-in-law went out, so I did not have anyone I could ask for advice.
Sieg was also frowning, saying, “I have no idea.”


Sieg held up something.

“What’s that?”

Shades apparently protect the eyes from sunlight.
Come to think of it, grandfather squinted often when he went out. Maybe the sunlight was too bright.
I asked the employee to explain further for more details.
The good consists of two coloured lenses fastened in a metal frame, after which earpieces are affixed so that one can wear them on the ear.
They were originally used in the military, but recently ones for civilian use were made.
Since they’re not very common yet, it would be a good gift for grandfather who is very curious about new things.
I discussed with Sieg and decided to buy shades along with a case for it.

Some time later, a nicely wrapped product was delivered. Along with that, we decided to send a painting we commissioned recently.
It was a picture of Sieg, Arno and me, the three of us.
Sieg is sitting on a chair holding Arno in her arms, while I’m standing behind them with a hand on the chair. Sieg proposed that grandfather would be happy if he received it so we commissioned a painting.

“Then, Sieg, Arno, see you later.”
“Have a safe trip.”
“Roger that!”

This time, Sieg and Arno will be house-sitting.
I will be spending a day at grandfather’s place then I’ll be returning the next day.

After a few hours on the carriage, I arrived at the capital.
Maybe because he knew I was coming, grandfather was waiting for me at the entrance.

“Hmph, what, it’s just you.”
“I’m sor~ry.”

I did write that Sieg and Arno can’t come in the letter, but he might have been having a faint hope. I felt sorry that it was just his grandson who was turning thirty soon.
Since he told me to wait in the drawing room, I headed there without anyone guiding me because I knew the house.
For the bag containing the picture, a servant carried it.
While I was waiting on a chair, my uncle came. He’s my father’s older brother.
He’s a praiseworthy man whom I can’t make a correlation between him and my father.

“It seems that you received a prompt welcome from father.”
“Haha, well.”

He complained that I was alone, but that might be his way of welcoming me.

“For the last few days, father could not calm down when he heard that you were coming.”
“H-He was looking forward to seeing my wife and son, no?”
“No, he said that it was only you who was to come.”

G-Grandfather, he’s not honest……
I wonder if he was looking forward to it so much that he came out to the front door to greet me.
If he was welcoming me, he could have given me a hug or something.

While we were chatting, grandfather came.
Uncle exited.
I smiled and gestured for him to sit next to me, but father sat down on the chair across from me.
After that, he was eyeing the packages on the table.

“What’s that?”
“A present for you, grandfather.”
“Do you want allowances or something?”
“……It’s different.”

First I gave him the package containing the shades.
Having received it, he opened it as if he was looking at something strange.

“Hm. Shades, Isee.”
“They’re to protect your eyes from sunlight.”
“I see.”

Grandfather looked at the glasses interestedly.
How is it? When he asked that, I replied that it suited him very well.
The response is great. It was indeed something that Sieg picked.

Then, after that, I gave him the painting.
Disregarding me, Sieg and Arno were very lovely.

“This is……!”

Grandfather stared intensely at the painting.
Since the picture’s drawn very well, he must have liked it.

Then, while dining, I talked about Arno and Sieg.
Grandfather listened with a benign expression.

“To be honest, I wanted to bring Sieg and Arno as well.”
“Well, riding carriages would be tough for a baby and a mother that just had a delivery.”

Well, I can say the same for grandfather.
He looks healthy, but he’s in his late seventies, so long carriage rides would burden his body.

“If it’s just me, I can come again.”
“Well, it can’t be helped that it’s just you!”
“There you go again~ Saying something like that~”
“W-What do you mean again!”

I couldn’t say “You love me too, don’t you?” He probably can’t get honest in front of the person in question.

For now, I felt relieved since he gladly received the presents.
Later, when uncle wrote me a letter, apparently he wore the shades every time he went out, and the picture was hung up in his private room, where it can be seen clearly.
It seems like he quite liked them.

I thought that it would be nice to get a picture with him next time.

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