Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi —115

Foreign Feast
Volume 3 — The Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife’s Village, Great Renovation Plan!?

After seeing the menu of the Remote Land Pub ‘The Crimson Eagle’, mother commented, “The menus look like things old people would like.”
Well, a thirty-year-old old man did think of it, so it can’t be helped. I can’t think up what young men and women would like.
Furthermore, there weren’t many ingredients so it was hard.

“Then, how about pasta?”
“Could it be, something you had overseas?”

Pasta seems to be a food made in various shapes by making dough with flour, eggs and water. Then these are boiled and had with various sauces. I couldn’t imagine it at all.

“Shall we make it?”
“What? Have you been working at a restaurant?”
“A lady at an inn taught me.”

What’s more, they managed to get close even though they didn’t know each others’ languages. During their stay, father followed an unfortunate schedule of working at night and sleeping during the day, so he didn’t translate for them. He really is an absurdly useless being.

“Ah, but, don’t we need eggs for pasta?”

Eggs got in the way again.
Because we can’t use eggs, the menu overall became catering to old people’s tastes.
However, mother said that it was alright.

“There’s pasta that doesn’t use eggs.”
“I see.”

Promptly, mother headed to the kitchen to make pasta.

Moreover, after mother returned, Ruruporon allowed us to use the kitchen.
I wonder if she was cheering us on in her own way.
Her encouragement was warm, and I felt happy.
In addition, today the Rango family are off-duty.

“Then, let us promptly start making them!”
“I look forward to it!”

When mother teaches things, for some reason, she uses polite speech. The reason is unknown.

“There are only three ingredients.”

The ingredients for pasta are flour, salt and olive oil. That is all.

“Now, we shall start making ear pasta~”

‘Orecchiette’ means small ear.

“First, weigh the flour!”

To be able to make some myself later, I noted down the recipe on a piece of paper.
Half of the flour is flour used for bread, while the other half are coarsely ground wheat called semolina.
Semonlina usually used as substitute for bread crumbs when deep frying, or for making snacks such as cookies and cakes.

In a bowl, the flour, lukewarm water, olive oil and salt were mixed together using her hands.
It seemed to take quite a bit of energy, since mother had beads of sweat forming on her forehead. Though, even when I asked if I should take her place, she refused.

Once the dough formed, a cloth was put over the bowl to make sure the dough doesn’t become dry and then it was left in the cold storage for a few hours.

Two hours later.

The thinly spread dough is cut into stick shapes, and then those are sliced further. When the front part is pulled with pressing the dough with a knife, the dough flips. It seems that maintaining this shape is the point.
The completely pasta is dried for a while.

“For the sauce, broccolis boiled until they turn stick are nice.”
“They don’t sell that around here.”

Since it couldn’t be helped, I made sauce with things I had at home.
It seems that tomato sauce is commonly had with pasta.

“Then, let us make tomato bacon pasta.”

There are many cans of tomato and bacon. I think that this dish can be added to the store’s menu.

While mother was preparing to boil the pasta, I made the tomato sauce.
The ingredients were preserved tomatoes made in summer, water, bacon and vegetables.
First, sliced and dried garlic is fried in a pan with olive oil. Then, the garlic is removed, and chopped onions are fried until they turn light brown.
The fried onions are moved to a separate dish, and afterwards bacon is fried. Once it was cooked slightly, onions, tomato, water and spices are added then heated to make tomato sauce.
At the same time, the pasta seemed to be ready.
Today, we invited the Rango family for luncheon.

On the table, there was a strange dish other than pasta.
When I asked what it was, mother replied that they were dishes she learned when she was staying at a place of people who looked similar to the Rangos.

“When I left, I got a lo~t of rare spices.”
“Hehh, I see.”

There was bread made using corn, with finely chopped vegetable and meat on top of it, along with some red sauce made with the spices.

“Is this tomato sauce too?”
“Something like that~”

Mother gave be a very brief explanation.
There were quite exotic dishes. It became a fine feast.
When we were about finished with the preparations, the Rangos came.
They presented us with a large chunk of smoked bear meat as a gift. It was before the polar nights, so I was very happy.
I greeted them by pounding my chest with my fist.
When I led them inside to the dining room, they happily looked at Arno who was sleeping in his cradle.
Everyone likes children.
When Sieg greeted the three of them, they, except for Ruruporon, returned to the usual sharp expressions.

Mother asked them to take seats.
Before we started eating, the three of them whispered something with their hands on their chests. It might prayers before a meal. We also prayed to the Spirit.
When that was over, mother introduces the dishes.

“This is taco! I wonder if Rango-san also had it~?”

When offered the food, Teoporon pounded his chest and took a bit of the food that mother called taco.
Then, he opened his eyes wide and looked at Ruruporon who was sitting next to him. Seeing him like that, Ruruporon also took a bite.
The moment Ruruporon had some taco, tears started rolling down her cheeks.

“Eh, Ruru-san, what’s wrong!? My, what should I do.”

Was it too spicy, I heard mother murmur, so I also tried some.

“Uwa, spicy!”

The description mother gave was indeed very rough.
On top of the taco, there were lots of spicy foreign spice, called chili, used for it.
I also had tears rolling down my cheeks like Ruruporon.

“Oh no, Ritchan, not you too!”

Sieg gave me some water. How kind……

It was spicy, but I felt that I would get used to it. My body warmed up too.

Before I realised it, Miruporon was eating it without changing her expression. Ruruporon also calmed down and started eating with a smile.
It seems like they like the dish mother made.

“Could it be that they missed it?”
“Ah, that might be it.”

Here we can’t get the spice called chili. They might have been happy to taste flavours from their home after a long time.

“Ah, right!”

We were in the middle of eating, but mother went out.
A few minutes later, she came back with something in her hands.

“Ruru-san, these are chilies and chili seeds I received when I was travelling.”

Since we don’t make a lot of dishes using chili, she decided to give them to the Rangoes. Ruruporon received them with a surprised expression. She was crying again. Instead, Teoporon pounded his chest and bowed down.

“I’m glad that you liked it.”

I don’t know what the environment for raising chili is, but I thought that it would be nice for the harvest to be successful.
It might be a good idea to ask a merchant if it’s possible to order chilies here.

After that, we started eating bacon tomato pasta.

“Ah, delicious!”

The pasta was springy. The pasta was dimpled so the sauce mixed well. It was rather satisfying dish.
It was simple to make as well, so I thought that it was perfect for the store.

The people of the Rango family enjoyed pasta as well. I felt happy for some reason.

“Teoporon, Ruruporon and Miruporon, thank you all the time!”

Once again, I thanked the Rangoes.

I had been spending over a decade with them, but I never did something like this.
I could say that I did not have that much leisure. Although that’s rather embarrassing.
Thanks to mother and Sieg, I finally had some leftover time.
I was spending a very enjoyable time.

If it’s possible, I would like to have a meal together with them like today.

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Edit: I must be stupid to translate taco as squid when the context shows that it’s food from the Americas.

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