Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 118

Remote Land Pub, Opening!
Volume 3 — The Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife’s Village, Great Renovation Plan!?

Around the time the polar nights approached, the remote land pub ‘The Crimson Eagle’ opened.
For the first day, we decided to open from morning.
Our first customer was the couple from the shop.
As a gift, they gave us salt from overseas. I got teary-eyed from happiness.

Promptly, Sieg came to take their orders.

“What would you like?”
“What do you recommend?”
“Meatball Tomato Sauce Pasta.”

Sieg sincerely explained the menu.
The pictures mother drew also helped people imagine the menus.
The store couple ordered the recommended dish with today’s soup and tea.
Filled with energy, I started cooking. Sieg also prepared brewing tea.

Today’s soup is a clear soup of beans and root vegetables.
It’s made using dried ones, but the vegetables bring out a tasty stock. Mother made it last night.
First, I served the soup as appetizer.

“Ah, it’s warm.”
“The warmth really seeps into the body.”

The seats were close to the kitchen so I could hear their reactions.
I felt somewhat nervous.

Later, I asked Sieg to serve the meatball tomato pasta.

“This is delicious!”
“It’s the first time I’m having pasta, but it’s nice.”

Sieg listened to the couple’s reactions and politely thanked them.
The dish we thought up sincerely was well-received by the couple.
After the meal, we brought condensed milk ice cream as dessert.
To celebrate the opening, I am planning to serve it to all the customers.
It’s a simple ice cream made by cooling a can of condense milk. If it’s just this, it’s too sweet so I am putting a sour berry sauce over it.
Since it’s just frozen condensed milk, it’s important to melt it slightly before serving it to make the texture better.

“Is this something your lordship thought up?”
“Yes. It’s just condensed milk though.”
“I like the sour flavour of the berries and the sweetness.”
“I’m relieved.”

Only my family and Captain Artonen tried it, so I’m happy that they’re complimenting it.

After the store couple left, customers did not come.
Well, it’s the first day, so that must by why.
The villagers were peeking inside at the windows, but when I open the doors to talk to them they all run away.

“How unfortunate! I failed to capture them, Sieglinde.”
“The villagers are all shy after all.”
“I see!”

Even if customers do not come, we serve dishes using preserved food so there won’t be food left over.
The soup will be used for dinner too.

A while later, women who finished with their household chores came.
They asked for coffee and caramel apple pie, as well as pasta for lunch.
They planned well, preparing packed lunches for their families.
They all chatted happily with Sieg.
It really was a peaceful scene.
They also said that the dessert, condensed milk ice cream with berry sauce, was delicious. Phew, what a relief.

However, from the afternoon, the store was quiet again.

I had a lot of time, so I observed our customers’ reactions and discussed what we should make.

“I think it would be nice to have more sweet things.”
“Though that will be rather tough during the polar nights.”

It’s not as though I can’t make cake or cookies without eggs, butter or milk, but I think it won’t be as good.

“It feels like something like the iron plate crackers will be made.”
“Getting teeth chipped is a bit……”

I already reached the limits.
For the snacks, I decided to ask mother’s opinion after I return home.

During the winter, the sun sets in the afternoon.
I lit a candle on the table located outside. So that it won’t go out from the wind, I put a cylindrical glass cover over it.
It had a rather fantastical scene.

The villagers went shopping to the gift shop with lanterns.
It seems that the shop lady advertised a bit, since people started coming in trickles here.

At dinner time, two soldiers from the fort came.
I was expecting many soldiers to come, but my guess missed.
Apparently, Captain Artonen arranged it so that they won’t be a nuisance on the first day of opening.

Indeed, I thought.
Well, it would have been fine for them to come though.

The soldiers, unexpectedly, ate pasta quietly, had a few drinks and returned.

After they departed, there suddenly were a lot more customers.
It’s definitely that the energised soldiers returned to the fort while chatting about the store. It really is thankful.

From the dinner time to nighttime, I spent a busy time.

At the final bell, we closed.

I had been handling the pot all night from the evening, so my arms were screaming in pain.
The meatballs sold out in the middle. The soup pot is also empty now.

“Ritz, you did well.”
“Sieg, thank you too.”
“No, I wasn’t here all day.”

Sieg returned home many times to breastfeed our son. Just that would have been tough though.

As for the sales, well, we’re slightly in the red, but our objective is not getting profit but providing entertainment for the whole village.

However, it will get tough if we continue like this, so I am thinking of making high-profit dishes after the polar nights are over.

For now, I prioritised getting past the polar nights in a brighter mood.
It’s rather hard, but seeing everyone’s smiles made me want to try my best.

“Once we get used to it, I’m thinking of hiring more people and maybe leave the store to someone else.”
“Right. That might be good.”

Even if mother is here, we have no reason to stay too long at the store.
We need someone’s help.
Won’t there be a cook somewhere? Also, someone moderately likable.

Even after closing, there was a mountain of work.
Beginning with cleaning, we had to prepare ingredients for tomorrow, organise the shelves, and keep the books.
When we finished, the day had already changed.
Having returned home after we prepared the ingredients, Sieg was waiting for me without going to sleep before me.

Moreover, she even prepared a bath for me.
I had dinner mother made by the warmth of the fireplace, took a bath and went under the covers.

As I had Sieg who had warm temperature in arms, I fell to sleep before I realised it.

Like so, the first day of work ended.


The next day.
Since it was hard for Sieg to go back and forth, we decided to take Arno as well.
Today, mother said that she’ll help as well.

Maybe because the rumours were spreading, there was a line even before we opened.

“Hey, Ritchan, since it’s cold outside, why don’t you let customers in?”
“Nn, please.”

I’m not prepared to serve dishes yet, but we can serve warm tea or soup.
Mother opened the doors and invited the customers in.

Arno was sleeping in a cradle by the window.
There were many occasions where people came in after seeing there was a child.

After lunch, the soup ran out so I hurried requested Ruruporon for some.
With the men, the combination of the dishes using canned food and alcohol was popular.

The elderly did not come very often.

However, grandpas and grandmas seemed to be interested in the store, since they were peeking in many times.
When I talked to them out of the thought that they should come in, they leave saying that they don’t have any business with me.

I repeated that a few times, and one day something different from usual happened.
The elderly who always look at my son came again today.
They were smiling while looking into the cradle.
Then, Arno suddenly started crying.

Sieg was making meatballs, and mother had a tray holding cups of coffee.
I thought that I had to go, so I hurried out of the kitchen.

However, they were already at where my son was.

“My my, what could it be.”
“Is he hungry?”
“It’s alright, don’t cry.”

The grandmas outside embraced Arno and soothed him.

“Ah, thank you, thank you.”

When I thanked them, they were not honest and said that it was for the child.
Since it’s an opportunity, how about some tea and snacks? When I offered that, they reluctantly took their seats.

Afterwards, elderly people came to the store as well.
Even on days when Arno isn’t here, they come saying that it can’t be helped.

I was so happy at that change.

Today, I invited Miruporon.
She was sipping coffee expressionlessly.
Outside the window, I saw Luca, so I tried to force him into the store.

“W-What’re you doing! Does this store aggressively tout!?”
“Sorry, sorry.”

Since there’s Miruporon, how about having some tea together? I asked.
Then, Luca’s face turned deep red.

“Miruporon, she looks lonely, doesn’t she? Please!”
“……W-Well, if you put it like that.”
“Thank you, Luca!”

Noticing Luca, Miruporon made a nice smile.
Seeing that face, he looked captivated.

What a lovely couple, I thought as I watched from the kitchen.

“Ritz, peeping’s not good.”

I was interested about those two, but I decided to diligently make caramel apple pie for two people.


The period where it’s dark all day, the polar nights.

It used to be a cold and boring period, but from the store a warm light and joyful laughter flowed out.

Seeing that, I felt that I did well to take up the challenge although it was quite tiring.

That was the story of the first winter where all the villagers spent the long and painful polar nights together.

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