Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 122

Let’s Become a Beekeeper (Continued)
Volume 3 — The Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife’s Village, Great Renovation Plan!?

I reviewed the notes on not getting stung by bees, written as a part of father’s paper.
First, use colours that do not stand out for the clothing.
I had been very neglectful about this. I went into the forest wearing clothes using blue and red fabrics.
Next, do not panic in front of bees. Observe the behaviour of the bees.
Even if they land on the clothes, they don’t immediately sting. The bees also examine what kind of person is approaching them.
I think this will be hard. However, I’ll try my hardest to not panic.

Regarding how I got stung recently, it seems that Sieg told mother.

“Ritchan, mum tried making a protective shade.”

It was a wide-rimmed hat with tightly woven net draped around.
The structure is made so that bees will not be able to pass through the small holes.

“This is amazing.”
“I also made thick clothing out of white clothing, so please wear those.”
“Thank you.”

It was just layering more clothes, but it felt like my defences improved at once.
Even if bees approach, I think I can stay calm.

I uplifted my spirit and put on the protective clothing mother made. As I was putting on shoes for going out, Sieg and Arno came over to see me off.

“Ritz, I’m sure you know this, but please be careful.”

It felt like Arno was cheering me on as well. I gently kissed him on the forehead and told him that I’ll be returning soon.
I then kissed Sieg on her cheek and headed out.

“See you later.”
“I’ll be off.”

I proceeded through the spring forest where the snow had not melted fully yet.
The objective this time is catching bees.
A queen bee is born once a year in a hive.
The previous queen takes half the worker bees and exits the hive.
I’ll be catching that swarm.

I carefully trod through the forest.
I saw a stray bee flying by, so I decided to tail it.
It seems that bees that leave their hives survey their area for potential settling areas. So if I chase them I’ll be able to find the ball of honeybees.

After persistently tailing the bee, I found a swarm hanging from a tree!
Fortunately, instead of a hive, it was close to where the wooden frame is so I decided to bring that.

I approached slowly and placed the wooden box with honey under the ball of bees.

If the bees notice the hive and move in, it will be a success.
If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to capture them myself.
It seems that bees in their balled up states are docile, but the thought of directly capturing them is nerve-wracking.
Please, settle in the box, I ended up praying.

I picked herbs for medicine and spices in the forest and returned home.
When I opened the front door, Sieg came running over.

“I’m back.”
“Welcome back.”

Without taking a moment to breath, Sieg asked if I wasn’t stung by a bee.
Today, I had mother’s protective clothing and I acted calmer than before so I was not stung.

When I said that, Sieg looked relieved.

“I see. I’m glad that you’re alright.”
“What is it?”
“No, I was just happy.”

Before, when I started something new, there were times when I would get injured during experiments or get myself into precarious situations.
Because results did not come out, I had spent lonely days applying medicine to my abrasions or stitching ripped clothes.

That was the norm. However, it’s different now.

I had family, worrying about me, advising me, and cheering for me.
I really think that it’s a blissful thing.

I decided to continue working hard for my family.

The next day.
I headed to the forest as my heart fluttered. I headed for the tree with the swarm of bees.

—— Found it!

From afar, there was no ball of bees.
Swarms don’t linger in one place. They fly away after about two days.
So I didn’t get expectant just because they weren’t there.

I slowly approached the hive and peeked into it.


I almost cried out, but I swallowed it back in just before it came out.

Something amazing’s going on! There are bees in the box!

I was so happy that I could not calm down.

I ran back home straightaway and told Sieg and mother.

“Your efforts are coming to fruition. It’s a good thing.”
“Thank you.”

It is a good thing to be able to say there is progress.
Because I was praised by Sieg, my cheeks became loose.

This was just the first step in beekeeping, but the joy kept overflowing and did not stop.
I suddenly was motivated a lot more.

I increased the number of hives and repeated the process of placing them under bee swarms.
Out of the six I made in total, three were settled.
I scoured the forest to capture other bees using a net, but it was already the past period that I couldn’t find the bees.

For this year, I’ll be keeping bees in three hives.

Spring is the season where the queen bee lays eggs and the season where honey is gathered.
There’s not much I can do.

I could only wait for the worker bees to gather honey.


There are many things I have to do in spring.
Collecting birch sap, picking herbs and fragrant grasses.
Doing maintenance of the fence at the forest of the reindeers, milking, marking the ears, there was a mountain of work.

I shortened the business hours of ‘The Crimson Eagle’ and increased the holidays.

There were many times when a villager would ask, “It’s open today, right?” only to return disappointed.

I felt sorry, but I was glad that they wanted a place like that.
I really wanted to open the store as much as possible, but there wasn’t much I could do.

I really need someone to help.

Meanwhile, good news arrived.
Aina and Emmerich is returning soon.
It’s been a year and half since they left.
The Bergholm family is now completely in peace.
It was worrying that the grandfather’s condition was worsening, but he still had food and Aina’s mother is working hard.
I tried to provide food for them, but they declined saying that they had savings.

It seems that they had been selling the prey Aina’s grandfather sold and saved the money they made.
They said that there was no need for worry.

Just in case, I told them that they can rely on me.

I had been watching the Bergholm family for a long time, but I was surprised at Aina’s mother’s strength.
The courage to let go of her precious daughter, the spirit to take care of the whole family, and the willpower to keep on living in good health.
I think that it’s all very praiseworthy.

Her efforts changed Bergholm family.

I think that it would be nice if Aina and Emmerich returned quickly and they would rely on each other.

There was also a small change in our family too.

Twice a week, all the family will be resting.
On holidays, we won’t be doing anything. That was what we decided. Cooking, housework and looking after the dogs will be done by the people of the Rango family.

On holidays, we go out strolling to the fields, go out shopping to the port city, or play with Arno.

However, I was still not used to ‘spending a holiday’ so there were many times when I was scolded by mother or Sieg because I accidentally chopped firewood.

When I said that not working is hard, Sieg ended up laughing.

“Ritz, don’t you have a hobby?”
“Playing with Sieg or Arno, maybe?”
“That’s service to the family. Not a hobby.”
“Th-That can’t be!”

It seems that hobbies are things that people enjoy for themselves.

“Ritz, you should spend your time doing something you like.”
“Something I like……”
“Is there something?”
“Watching Arno, strolling together, talking with Sieg, touching Sieg, or kissing Sieg.”
“……That’s also service to the family.”

The times when I am with my family are the most healing moments.

Then my hobby is: service to the family. I think that’s fine.

Therefore, I’ll be having time pursuing my hobby.

Arno was out strolling with mother.
So I decided to caress Sieg.

I put my arm around her and hugged her gently. I stroked her hair and brought her cheek to my neck.
Sieg’s skin is smooth and feels good.
Her hair is also fluffy and feels good to touch.

“Ritz, are you happy with that?”
“Yup, I’m happy!”

This indeed is the happiest time in my life.

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Just yesterday (7th November), the author added an additional chapter to this series which is completed. I feel immensely pleased as a reader, but as a translator this has given a slight headache. Translating itself is not the problem, but the organisation of the chapters is the problem. The author arbitrarily placed the chapter in the additional chapters section, leaving be with chapters with wrong number raw links and all that jazz. You can check the project page for what changed. You’ll see a new chapter listed, called ‘Amnesiac Ritzhard’. Absolutely jarring to see an untranslated chapter in the middle of fully translated additional chapters. Plus, the chapter is rather long. Anyway, for the organisation of chapter numbers, I think I’ll push the numbers of the previous chapters back one, since I had left chapter number 68 unused since that was the number for the characters chapter. Good thing I did that, eh? Sigh When will I get through all the posts…… Bugger, author. I love you, but this is annoying at the same time. Anyhow, don’t worry too much. Should be alright.
…Hmm, it turned into a bit of a rant. Sorry if the wall of text bothered you.

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    • Amnesiac Ritzhard,
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