Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 126

His and Her Clumsy Snow Country Hunting Life
Interlude — Aina and Emmerich’s Snow Country Hunting Life

After I heard Aina-chan’s shocking remark, the mealtime flew by.
It was a feast that Ritz-kun’s mum and another lady made with their utmost. However,
many things passed through my head that I could not enjoy the meal.

During the meal, I asked them I could help with the pub-cum-café.
Ritz-kun, Sieglinde and his mum was happy.

I took a breather after having tea after the meal.
The women were chatting over embroidery.
Ritz-kun and I were watching them.

Aina-chan looks like she’s having fun. I’m glad.

Aina-chan is a shy girl, but it seems like she’s friendly with Ritz-kun’s mum.
This time, they were now talking about traditional handicrafts.
According to Sieglinde, Ritz-kun’s mum is the best artisan in town, so Aina-chan’s eyes were gleaming as she listened on.

Suddenly, Ritz-kun patted my shoulder.

“Ah, right! Emmerich, you said you wanted to see the work space, right? I’ll show you around!”

Did I say that? I tilted my head.
Before I could reply, he dragged my arm and I was led to the upper floor.

……Rather, Ritz-kun, he’s quite strong.

The lantern in the workshop was lit.
There was a strange smell of wood and medicine.
On the shelves, there were wood lumps and handicrafts.
It really did feel like a crafter’s room.

There were dozens of different knives for carving wood, all well-kept.
Whenever I see them, I can’t help but admire all the amazing handicrafts.

“Sorry, Emmerich!”
“……That, about Aina.”

Apparently, it seems that girls in the village learn important facts about marriage from their mothers.

Aina-chan’s mother, what should I say, she sent her daughter off with a smile while thinking she did that a long time ago.

“I’m really sorry! If you’d like, I can ask my wife to help.”

I felt thankful for that. However, I declined.

“Emmerich, are you really alright?”
“Aina-chan probably already at her limit.”

Now, we are trying to adjust to our new life.
She’s a clumsy girl; she can’t handle so many things at once.

It was the same when we just moved to my country.
Aina-chan was very cautious about me.
Well, rather than cautious, she was just shy, or nervous, should I say?

Maybe because she didn’t get enough sleep, there were also days when she prepared breakfast with bloodshot eyes.
During such a lifestyle, the landlady even pointed out, “Aren’t you making her work too hard?”
Since I was dense, I replied, “Indeed, she might be straining herself too much,” to which she replied, “Remember to let her sleep properly at night.” I remember having a lot of question marks over my head from that.

Though the landlady’s worry was a big understanding.

Since there was something like that, I felt somewhat relieved that she slept soundly last night.
Though it was the first time we slept together, I felt happy that she slept well without getting tense.

Although, I felt a sense of crisis, that, is she not seeing me as a man?
Well, but even so, Aina-chan staying healthy is the most important.
For now, that is fine.

“Emmerich, thank you.”

Ritz-kun grasped my hands.
He said that he was happy that I was treasuring Aina-chan.

“I, too, know how you feel, very well.”

When I asked what it was, Ritz-kun told me the surprising secret of the couple.

The two that get along so well, were in fact pretending to be couples for a year.

It seems that Ritz-kun fell in love with her at first sight, but that wasn’t so for Sieglinde.
She had some problems of her own, with people around her pushing her into marriage.

They married since their interests coincided, but before they married Sieglinde proposed a contract.

It was to live for one year and then accept her as a wife if he wants.

“I misinterpreted that contract, and believed that Sieglinde would annul our marriage if she didn’t like the life.””
“So, in the end, it was not Wattin, but Ritzhard-kun who chose?”
“Yes. Funny, isn’t it?”

Because of the misunderstood contract, Ritz-kun lived together with Sieglinde while feeling anxious sometimes.

Outside, they were couples, but inside the house they were treating each other as just people living together.
He was so in love with Sieglinde that he thought many amazing things.

“Since, my wife is cute, no?”
“Ah, sorry, please continue.”

I have a past where I proposed to her after hearing that Sieglinde was to marry.
In retrospect, I think that was from the loneliness I would be feeling from her disappearing.
My eyes opened after I received that roundhouse kick.
That was not an action of love, but one purely of friendship.

Therefore, while I don’t see Sieglinde as cute, not a single bit, she is the loveliest wife imaginable for Ritz-kun.

“So, for the first year I had to keep enduring……”

Since it’s the kind and diligent Ritz-kun, I was thinking that he was doing well from the beginning.
However, the reality is different, it seems.

“Well, it’s like that, so cheer up, Emmerich.”
“Thank you.”

It was nice to hear the stories today.
I was feeling that I should take responsibility since I was so inexperienced.
However, that wasn’t the case.
After learning that everyone becomes a couple after overcoming various problems, I got a lot of courage.

“Emmerich, marriage is a miracle where strangers become family.”

Place of birth, environment, habit, tastes, everything is different.
It’s natural that there would be conflict, and not everything is pleasant.

However, he taught me that there are also piles of delightful events.

After retelling the story, he thanked me for listening, to which I thanked him in return.
Then, Aina-chan and I returned home.

When I opened the door, Rossa mewed in welcome.
I attempted to hug her up, but she dodged me with agile movements.
Then, she asked for a hug from Aina-chan.



From the next day, I started working for Ritz-kun’s family store.
The name of the store is ‘Remote Land Pub • The Crimson Eagle’.
What should I say, I think I can tell his love for his wife just from the store’s name.

Here, I was asked to be a waiter.
I received orders from the customers and serve them food from the kitchen.

I’m still not very used to the language of this country.
However, I will improve if I use it often, so I will do my best.

Sieglinde was to teach me.

“What is it?”
“The servers, if it’s Wattin and me, I think the mood might be a bit grim.”

—— In the pretty store, there are two former soldiers waiting.

Sieglinde stared off into the distance.
I stared off into the distance as well.

There are many things to remember when working as a waiter.
Anyhow, the only choice I had was to repeat it many times and get used to it.

I had many worries, but I was just worrying unduly. Unexpectedly, the villagers were all kind.
They were not displeased when I asked them repeat the order, and even cheered for me.

Working there was a great experience.
My face was remembered by the villagers, that I would not be a suspicious person.
Aina-chan helped out with serving when she had time.
Her smile toward the villagers was still awkward, but they all watched her warmly.

In the afternoon, I’ll be going fishing together with Aina-chan’s grandfather.
It seems that his condition wasn’t good, but it seems that he could start moving again recently.

He’s still frightening, but I decided that I should get used to that as well.


“Good night.”
“G-Good night.”

Today too, Aina-chan worked hard so she was very sleepy.
She lied down while hugging Rossa in her chest.
A few seconds after I crawled into the bed, I could hear relaxed breathing from her.

——Nn. Children who sleep well grow up well!

I prayed that she will become an adult quickly.

I started looking forward to her growth.

……To convince myself, I muttered that to myself.

Let’s work hard again tomorrow.
I went off to sleep after vowing that to my heart.

Aina and Emmerich’s Snow Country Hunting Life — Fin

Thank you for reading Emmerich’s episode.
Also, this will be the last update for the year. Please continue taking care of me next year.

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