The Wolf Lord’s Lady — 6

The toast of you and me.

There were many people entering and exiting the lord’s room. That felt fresh for some reason.
One after another, people passed and there wasn’t any time for them to greet each other. They had documents, and after they finished checking something more people came in. There weren’t many people during the days of father. Also, since the meetings were all scheduled, who and when they came were being properly managed.

Everyone was used to it, so they went straight to the point without greeting the lord properly. I guess they’re familiar faces. Kaid processed the flood of issues in succession. Sometimes, he would stand in front of the huge bookcase and fetch some books and then discuss the issue with the person who brought it.
The morning was spent like that and it became noon in a blink.
Somehow, a little past lunch, we could get a short break.

Kaid had been signing and drawing slashes on documents some hundred times.
As he leaned back against the chair, I served him tea.

“Thank you.”

He made a carefree thanks and drank it, so I ended up frowning.
What if I had put in poison?
They probably make strict inspections before hiring people, but it’s still careless. He shouldn’t be having something from someone that hadn’t been hired for long. Rather, I shouldn’t even be the maid of this building to begin with.
Even if I didn’t do it, if there’s poison in the tea I brewed I’ll be caught. I don’t want to be framed and executed, and if Kaid’s not here anymore, everyone will be troubled.

“Do you want to say that I am too careless?”

Noticing my gaze, Kaid shook the empty cup at me.

“When I didn’t have anything to eat, I ate even leather soles and sometimes even slightly toxic plants to substitute food. It’s better if I try it than if people without resistance have it. So I won’t die from a little poison. I recall getting scolded, ‘Why won’t you die!’ from a spy. I almost died from eating a worse mushroom than that, he should mixed that in.”

Kaid coolly said something absurd. I gulped and gripped my index finger and middle finger.

It’s a poor land already, but when there are heavy taxes, the land becomes impoverished beyond prepare. They end up having to eat the seedlings for planting next spring and have to dig up the roots of their fruit trees to survive from starving to death. The trees wilt and the untilled land becomes harder, and the land become even poorer.
I can’t imagine how it would have been during the two years he’s been with me. He wouldn’t cross such a dangerous bridge while he was infiltrated.
That’s in the past. It’s when he was fourteen. No…… it’s two years before that, so it’s when he was twelve.




Kaid who was narrowing his eyes at something raised his head at my voice.

“When had you been close to death?”
“Even if you ask when…… it’s not once or twice………… The first time was when I was six? There was an epidemic so there were not many workers available, but there was an increase in taxation. Having to face winter without enough food, I almost didn’t make it. However, thanks to that I ate a mushroom that was thought to be inedible. It’s only the stalk that can’t be eaten. The cap was harmless. We managed to survive that winter with that, so it ended alright. Well, I was scolded quite harshly though.”

Ending with just a scolding is a miracle. Not getting surrounded by sobbing people in black clothes is a miracle.
He was someone that infiltrated the lord’s mansion that might get him for a petty reason even without getting found out as a spy. So he was reckless from a long time ago.
The force that clenched my fingers grew tighter.

Kaid stood up and poured some tea into another cup and offered me that.

“Plus, you’re not a spy, am I correct?”
“…………Why not?”

Where does that confidence come from.
Seeing my puzzled look, Kaid made a completely exasperated face.

“What can a spy do if she stands out? Normally, spies blend in to not get noticed. There aren’t any spies that say ‘don’t approach me’ from the beginning”

He’s indeed a former spy. It’s very convincing.

“I’ve no idea about saying something about reincarnation to get out of trouble. It’s unheard of. However, if I’ve offended you, I could hold an investigation. Maybe you might be able to do something amidst that.”

After hesitating a little, I took the cup that had no pulling strength to it. Slightly cooled, it gave off a foreign scent. Kaid fixed himself a cup of tea too. The clear red-brown liquid slopped back and forth.

“Whatever you are, it doesn’t change the fact that you are my subject. I wish for all the people to be happy. Even if that might be a reckless dream and an idiotic wish, I still think that. If I don’t, there’s no point in robbing this land from the previous lord. I’m not wishing for everyone to have enough money to play for the rest of their lives. But at the least, I wish no one will starve. I wish that people won’t have to feel worried about surviving the winter. I wish that people won’t have murder their babies from despair. I wish that there won’t be a need to judge people for the crimes they committed to survive. Then, after there are no more worries, I wish that people can live while smiling.”

His wish are the minimum rights. The rights that people should have at the least.
That which did not exist in Laius before.



“I believe that it is a very wonderful idea. For the sake of Laius, I will serve as you, my master’s hands for a year. However, I have already been blessed from your wish in my previous life. Please offer your wish to someone else that had not received it yet.”
“That’s unfortunate, Shirley. I’m arrogant. Two rather than one, three rather than two, the more the better. At the least, I won’t forgive you if you starve to death in front of eyes. Anyway, I would like to begin by putting some fat on you, but well, I guess I’ll make a toast for now.”
“About what, sir.”

Kaid pondered a while. I looked up at that. He really grew tall. It’s almost unbelievable that I wore low heels to match his height. Rather, my neck hurts.
The cups clashed.

“To the happy future of the young lady in front of me.”
“To the future of our Laius. “

With Kaid who made a bitter smile, I sipped some tea. It was a tea that I didn’t have back in those days, but it was easy to drink, not too bitter and with a sweetness.
Seeing me blink, Kaid laughed.

“Is it good? It will become the special produce of a village to the east. It seems like that land is poor for other crops, but good for these tea leaves. Next year, it will spread to other places in Laius. It would best if it could spread to other fiefdoms, but that might be tough. There’s too much rain in those lands so the ground is unstable, making it hard to expand farmlands.”

I wonder if I ever heard about such things from father, or from grandfather.
My family bought only from the royal capital and from famous stores. The money exploited from Laius was not spent in Laius. I could have easily understood what would happen then if I pondered a little, I thought.

Isn’t it pretty, isn’t it cute. It’s a top-quality good.
It looks good on you. It looks nice. It’s cute.

I had trusted the smiles of my family without considering the process leading up to it.




Aa, you are right.
Seeing Kaid, I wanted to burst into laughter. I couldn’t tell what these feelings that sprang up after a long time were.
Pleasant, cheerful, dismal and unsightly. I forgot the name of this emotion.

I wonder what kind of face I’m making. The golden eyes widened and murmured something, but I couldn’t even catch that.
Fifteen years after gained a new life, feelings started gushing out, bursting out. It swirled all around my body and it was worse than blood. Blood gives life but this will kill me.



We were unclouded evil, evil so pure that it almost shone. We were the parasites bleeding Laius. We were the evils that rightly had to be murdered.
His resolve was a wise one that rescued Laius from ruin, raising it back to glory and protecting the people.
You are right.
You are strong, wise and kind, fit to be called a hero. You truly are the saviour of Laius.




That is why, you made a mistake.

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25 thoughts on “The Wolf Lord’s Lady — 6

    • Rather than forgive herself, though the populace doesn’t know any better, she really needs to hear she wasn’t at fault in the first place. Though her fake lover tried when she was imprisoned, he gave up really quickly. I guess he felt like he wronged her and didn’t have the right to convince her she wasn’t at fault, heck the fact that he didn’t become even a little emotional in his argument to her only tells me how little he truly cared. Constantly hearing how terrible she was and how those she knew are living better lives, who wouldn’t think it was their fault? Like bully victims, hear enough terrible things about yourself and your bound to believe it to a certain degree. Personally, I can’t come to like anyone that knew her, not because they’re happy, but because it seems they aren’t trying to do anything to get her name out of the mud. Is it futile? probably, but if they gave up, I feel like they wronged her all the same. She obviously cared for the handful of people she was close to and didn’t show any malicious actions throughout her life, only to die miserably. Most should of had an inkling about her true nature. She deserves to be continually fought for until one day people can look back and say “she was a victim”.

      More than anything this chapter shows me how truly twisted she’s become to smile about how it was the correct choice to kill her family and lie to her for the sake of the people of Laius. People keeps saying she needs to forgive herself, when she really needs people to fight for her. If she can see with her own eyes people still care for her, she will naturally become happy, better than just saying it wasn’t your fault. Actions are more believable than words.

      Liked by 28 people

        • Especially Caron, she was especially close to her. Furthermore she’s the head maid, meaning she hasn’t just returned, but has been there for sometime. As the head maid she could have easily lead a movement within the residents at the least and slowly expand from there. As most of the staff are from before the execution, they all should understand that the mc never did anything wrong, despite how many avoided her. If there were just whispers in the castle that would have been enough to make me satisfied, but she’s done nothing. Being the head maid with all that power only makes her look worse. Caron could have mentioned her when the nickname was mentioned, showing some kind of attempt of showing how the mc was in fact kind, but as if the mc’s previous name of taboo like Voldemort no one dares. Oh and Caron didn’t need to avoid it if all she was worried about was a personal grudge/greviance, as the current mc wasn’t even born at the time of the previous family.

          Liked by 4 people

        • Point taken, however you must consider how things may have changed after she ran away. To her, theoretically the mc could have turned bad like her family in that time frame. Unlikely, but possible. And if she was told MC’s words at the block, she’d be more likely to believe the story.

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  1. “That is why, you made a mistake.” – Goddamn she think Kaid good to her is a mistake for sure like ” I don’t deserve this…” . Thanks Kudarajin please speed up this series, i know it selfish to said, but this really killing me here for wait for this fantastic story !


  2. (beware of long comment ’cause this story pulls on my heart and makes me angry)

    Seriously, I don’t like how come the MC blames herself from her family’s mistakes, feeling like she deserved to be beheaded. She needs psychological treatment!!!
    And she’s such a good girl she doesn’t blame Kaid and does not seek revenge, far from it she admires his work as a lord… even when he’s the one who gave the order for the guillotine to kill her. Now in the second life, Kaid’s good actions might in fact be hurting her again and again as he makes her stay by his side as a maid. It’s not like he can ever make up for the past…, he failed to cure her from her sorrow and never told her his feelings, and the result is that she died.
    I just wish the MC’s happiness as she has suffered too much already even though she had no blame to begin with.

    Thanks a lot, oh great Translator-sama. BTW, please, we can’t wait for more chapters!!!!!!!


  3. This is truly a great novel. Thank you for bringing it to our monitors so that we too can experience the highs and lows of the disillusionment disappointment and despair of our MC as she slowly begins to see the world as it has changed.This translation is Stellar


  4. God, I hope Kaid immediately knows it’s her. I don’t like it when the LI has the upper hand. Hell, he’s the new lord and he’s loved by everyone. Dude is practically perfect right now, it’s weird. I honestly don’t want them to end up together but I do want them to reconcile— just not in a romantic relationship. One, age difference, two, complicated past which they both need to move on from, three, men and women can form friendship without it resulting to a relationship, and four, revolution aside—-who the hell dates the guy who killed your family?


    • Oops, I mean— I hope Kaid doesn’t know it’s her. God, I really hope he doesn’t. A simple eyes-widening isn’t earth shattering enough for me. 😒 The idea of him being calm and saying, “I know it’s you, my lady” grates on my nerves.


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