Hello, this is Kudarajin. I’m just someone who enjoys reading Japanese novels, so I started translating to share this joy.

My name means person from Baekje (an old kingdom of Korea, which was friendly with Japan) in Japanese. So, while I am Korean, I am fascinated by Japanese subculture and harbour no ill feelings for Japan. I wish to remain friendly with everyone.

I currently reside in Hong Kong, GMT +8:00.

If you wish to contact me in private, please mail me at tlkudarajin@gmail.com, or use the contact form below.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I was just curious if you had the goal to pick up any future translation projects? Plus, thanks for all of the translations I just fell in love with both novels >.<


  2. Masaka Jin! … Wait, no, that’s another one…
    Kuu dere hito! … That’s something else entirely…
    Kuradajin-ajuuma!… (just kidding) … *cough* Kuradajin-sensei! Thanks for the translations. I was wondering, do you have any more links for things like the chemister and slowlife? The easygoing stories type?


  3. I cant read anything on this site because ads keep scrolling me to the bottom of the page and cant even read a full chapter without this happening and refreshing does not help.


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