I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Characters

This is from the Japanese site.

Spoiler alert

The students wear white and navy blue coloured uniforms. Male students wear neckties, and female students wear ribbons. The tie colours are red for the first year students, blue for the second year students, and green for the third year students.

Kyle Fox Justine, First Prince of the Empire.
Age: 17
Height: 181cm and still growing.
Body: Slim, but with lean muscles.
Hair: His fluffy blond hair is usually let down, but in public places he ties them back.
Face: He has emerald green eyes. Has a special effect on him, as if to show that he is a prince.
Personality: An average university student. Can badmouth well in a polite manner. Unexpectedly cynical. Okay with violence, but scared of homos.

Angelica Fontaine, Eldest daughter of a duke.
Age: 15 (Soon turning 16)
Height: 164cm
Body: Curves where it should.
Hair: A long blue extending down to her waist.
Face: A deep amethyst eye, with a lovely smile.
Personality: Can’t let wrong things go. Like a caring older sister. But is problematic in that she rushes in to anything.

Louis Fontaine, Eldest son of a duke.
Age: 17
Height: 178cm and still growing.
Body: Slim.
Hair: Fluffy and light brown.
Face: Blue eyes. Always has a warm smile on, but sometimes has a scary smile.
Personality: Don’t be fooled by his appearance. His nickname when he turns is ‘demon lord’. His love for Jessica is unchanging from a young age.

Daniel, Butler.
Age: Unknown (Looks to be in his early thirties)
Height: 188cm
Body: Slender. Butler suits look good on him.
Hair: A silvery dark blue close to black, combed back.
Face: Blue-grey eyes, looks like a sculpture.
Personality: Superb abilities, with a kind mind. Always has coffee available, and is quick at brewing tea.

Jessica Rowling, Eldest daughter of a marquess.
Age: 16
Height: 156cm.
Body: Slender, makes one want to protect her.
Hair: Lush shoulder-length hair
Face: Blue eyes. Has a warm smile.
Personality: Docile.

Robert Redford, Eldest son of a marquess.
Age: 16 (Soon turning 17)
Height: 195cm
Body: Bulging muscles. Macho man.
Hair: Short-cut red-brown hair.
Face: brown eyes.
Personality: Musclehead. Loves the words courtesy and chivalry. “Book? Whats that?”

Michelle Rhône, Eldest daughter of a baron.
Age: 15 (Soon turning 16)
Height: 155cm
Body: Slender
Hair: Pink shoulder-length hair.
Face: Green eyes, innocent and cute face.
Personality: Natural airhead? Energetic. Goes well with lucky perverts. Sense of virtue is loose, but does not cross the final line. According to the settings, she is hard working, positive and unyielding.

Douglas Lawton, Eldest son of a count.
Age: 18
Height: 176cm
Body: Masculine, but haggard.
Hair: Green.
Face: Looks like a serious person.
Personality: Scarred by his fiancée’s death. Originally has a brilliant mind, but his wound currently renders him useless.

Hughie Woodlloyd, Second son of a count.
Age: 16
Height: 170cm and still growing.
Body: Wimpy {TN: Moyashi  in raw; lit. bean sprout.}
Face: Orange eyes, baby face.
Personality: Has a childish crush on Michelle, as well as amity towards Jessica and Michelle. His first love is Angelica. Kyle thinks of him as a little brother, but Hughie’s rivalry shows. Although he himself thinks that he’s hiding it.

April August, Eldest daughter of a count.
Age: 17 (Soon turning 18)
Height: 163cm
Body: Nice body.
Personality: Motherly. Treats Hughie like a little brother. But because he acted so out of common sense, had a superiority complex and did not listen to her advice, she lost any affection she had for him.

Jackie Fine, Second son of a duke from a neighbouring country.
Age: 17 (soon turning 18)
Height: 173cm and still growing.
Hair: Silvery blue.
Face: Blue-grey eyes. His trademark is his friendly smile.
Personality: Interesting personality. Will do anything to protect things that are precious to him. Has clairvoyance.

Henry von Lusto, Fifth prince of a neighbouring country.
Age: 18
Height: 180cm
Hair: Shoulder-length hair.
Face: His bad personality shows.
Personality: Has a selfish and bigoted personality unique to a prince. Wants to get everything he wants. Has a strong sadistic tendency, and shakes others up to show affection. But is kind until he gets it in his hand.

Brad, etiquette teacher.
Age: 29
Height: 178cm.
Hair: Silver
Face: Silver eyes, bespectacled. Has a soft smile. However, when there’s prey, has very cold eyes.
Personality: Biased. His hidden personality was revealed. He has even stronger sadistic tendencies than Henry. According to the setting, he looks like a soft-faced teacher, but is in truth a bespectacled bastard.

Erius, butler.
Age: Unknown (looks to be in his twenties)
Height: 179cm.
Hair: A silvery dark blue close to black, combed back. (Thinner colour than Daniel)
Face: Blue-grey eyes.
Personality: Strong elitist.

Doga, butler.
Age: Unknown. (looks to be in his fifties)
Height: 167cm.
Body: Average.
Hair: Dark silver.
Face: Blue-grey eyes.
Personality: Calm, does not make unnecessary movements.

8 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Characters

  1. Yay, thanks for posting this! Was wondering about their ages. But shouldn’t Brad be at least in his early 30’s? Michelle is almost 16 and including the 9 months of pregnancy Brad was courting her mother almost 17 years ago. If he is 29 now, that would make him 12-13 back then, a bit young to be visiting courtesans.


    • No no no we should take in His personality as well,he’s a sadistic pervert. Being 12-13 but still want to dominate the best courtesan fits the childish/recklessness of what a 12-13 years old Brad might do


  2. Hughie is 18 and April is 17… I thought he hated April because she was older than him? Yes I get that by older it means she acts older, but still, isn’t it cute when someone younger acts older than they do? This is not cute and just nagging if they are in their forties, but damn, they are just in the height of their young adulthood years which is the time when a few years of age matters a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Are the heights really correct? It says that Michelle is 155cm… However it was mentioned by Angelica that the heroine was a head and a half shorter than Angellica. Angellica is 164cm. How is that head and a half shorter?

    She also compares her to Jessica:
    [[Among men, I hear that there are many who like such women who bring out their protective urges.
    For me though, I think Jessica is much lovelier….]]

    This seem to suggest that Jessica isn’t that type of girl, but her bio suggests otherwise.

    So did you get the heights wrong?


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