The Wolf Lord’s Lady

Author: Tagami Ion (田上伊音)

Translator: Kudarajin
Proofreading: Readers


The previous lords have committed as many atrocities as possible to fill their bellies. I, the only daughter of that house, had discovered that my servant and lover was a spy.
And as the people wanted, my life ended with my execution.

However, with the memory of getting beheaded intact, I began a new life. I was planning to shoulder the sins of my past life and become a nun, but by some trick of fate, I came to work as a maid for the current lord.
Under my former lover, whose name, age and even hair colour were all lies.

Genre: Romance

Raw link:

Chapter List:

  1. Ending like that, you and me.
  2. Beginning for some reason, you and me.
  3. Your candy and me.
  4. The past days of you and me.
  5. The workplace of you and me.
  6. The toast of you and me.
  7. Preparing to go out, you and me.
  8. The guest of you and me.
  9. Your friend and me.
  10. The waiting period of you and me.
  11. The farewell, of you and me. — I
  12. The farewell, of you and me. — II
  13. The farewell, of you and me. — III
  14. The farewell, of you and me. — IV
  15. You and me, our,
  16. You and me and,
  17. This life, of you and me.
  18. You and me and the rule of the world.
  19. The return of you and me.
  20. Beginning like that, you and me.

20 thoughts on “The Wolf Lord’s Lady

  1. Are you okay Kuda? I honestly don’t care about chapter releases or speed or whatnot, but there’s been no contact from you for a few weeks. Of course it is your right to choose what and when to share things, but I’m now a little worried for you. If your are unwell, I hope that you feel better soon. I’ve got your back (as much as is possible via Internet) and I wish you the best!
    An Immaculate Insect

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for translating this series!!! I fell in love with this series from start ❤

    On another note, I heard that another group (Isecai's Translations) has finished translating the series to the end, but has not translated the epilogues.
    I was wondering, will you be completing the rest of the series, and epilogue (extra/omake chapters)?

    Either way, I'm grateful that you've brought this series to us! *^^*


  3. Yo leo estos capítulos por la traducción de mi computadora del ingles al español, y me parece muy buena tanto la historia como la pagina.


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