I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Side Story 1

Side Story 1: Another reincarnator

This is a side chapter.

I thought it would just be a continuation of everyday life.

Talking about the game with my friend on the way to school and returning home while talking about the game. I then collect various information through the internet, chat with friends on line and play games. When it is time, I eat, take a bath and sleep. The next morning, I go to school……

Everyday would be like that.
I thought it would be the same on that day too……


The last thing I remember seeing is a truck. I also remember hearing screams from all around me.


When I came to, I was a princess of an empire. The name was ‘Lilith’. I thought it was ridiculous.

That’s the name of a demon in the bible!

The first wife of Adam, who sold her body to the Devil.
“What kind of naming sense is that!’ I thought, but my older brother’s name was ‘Abel’. But then, the eldest brother’s name was ‘Kyle’. Half-hearted!
Make that ‘Cain’!
Then, I realised it.

Huh? Isn’t this the world of the otome game I was playing before I died, “I’ll Risk Everything for You”?

I learned detailed background settings of Prince Kyle from the spin-off game on the internet game.
Being the most popular love interest, he starred in spin-off mystery games, RPGs, and in shooting games.
{TN: lol what?}
The otome game ‘2’ was also announced, that this time the story will take place in the palace. “A new hidden character will appear, and the popular love interest will return on Christmas!” it was announced, with a silhouette of Prince Kyle.

In turn, with that announcement of the sequel, a spin-off game with Prince Kyle as the protagonist was announced. In that game, there was scenario for the surprisingly popular villainess Angelica to get together with Prince Kyle, so I recall that the game was discussed hotly even before its release.

If I reincarnate in an otome game, the template is that I would reincarnate into the protagonist or the villainess, but why did I have to reincarnate as the little sister of a love interest……
Really…… I’m unsatisfied! I request a reassignment of my role!!

Well, still, it seems that I will become the rival character in the sequel (although it’s just rumours), so it’s all good?

On the day of my reincarnation, there was the entrance ceremony. “Ah, the game started……” I thought, but because there were no changes in the palace it was boring.
But one day, the protagonist character Michelle came to the palace with one of the love interests Jackie.
The official reason was that he was being interrogated about the events at school, and on suspicion of espionage. In truth, the two were being placed under protection, and also being quarantined because of Michelle’s special ability.
It seemed that Michelle had a seducing ability, and although it’s strong it’s unstable and uncontrolled.

Michelle had that ability……
No wonder why the love interests were conquered so easily!


But why was Jackie, a noble from another country, sent here along with Michelle……
Apparently, Jackie and Michelle were seeing each other, and because Michelle was causing trouble whether she is with Jackie or not, it was decided that they were to be confined to within a house prepared for the two.

Meanwhile, I was tasked with taking care of Michelle while she stayed in the castle. Since Michelle was to be handled only by women, I volunteered for the task.
Well, it was a rare opportunity to get close to a protagonist of an otome game, no? It was also pretty suspicious, what with Kyle-onii-sama sending them here.

I recall getting a strong feeling of nostalgia when I first met her.
She too felt that with me, so we soon became close friends. It was as if she and I were close friends in a previous life, but since I would be laughed at if I said that I was keeping it quiet.
Then one day, I saw her sitting by the window, murmuring into the open sky, “Yacchan……”
“Yacchan”. That was the nickname my friend in my previous life, Chinocchi, used to call me.

“Uh, could it be…… Chinocchi?”

I was uncertain, so I whispered in a hush tone. To that, Michelle opened her eyes wide and stared at me.


She muttered in surprise.
Her eyes were saying “I can’t believe it! I’m so happy!” I grimaced at my ever honest friend.

We talked about the events that happened to us after we reincarnated.
My friend took some time to become fully conscious in this life, and when she finally took control, it seemed that she was already in dire straits. However, thanks to Kyle-onii-sama’s efforts, here she was.
Chinocchi said that “Kyle-sama is not a reincarnator,” but from what I’m hearing from you, he definitely is a reincarnator!
Moreover, about him being lovey dovey with his fiancée Angelica, and his flag evasion rate, I was at a loss for words.


News of Kyle-onii-sama getting assaulted by Henry, who then lost his status, arrived the day I learned that Michelle is Chinocchi.
Kyle-onii-sama was assaulted by Henry’s butler. It caused an uproar amongst the nobility everywhere.
A butler violated the law. The shock was quite severe, that even daemons were concerned.
My brother’s butler is quite excellent, so my father said that he’s left managing the aftermath to him. He is left to take care of the troublesome butler.
Even the daemons left it to him. Though I’m not sure what happened to that butler……
Father and the upper echelons of the daemons seemed to know, but when I asked father about it, he turned pale and said, “There are things in the world best left unknown, you see?” So I couldn’t hear the whole story.

While that was happening, Chinocchi’s new house was prepared, so the two of them moved out. I’ll be going over to see them in three days.
Us two, we spent our previous lives without any boyfriends, but Chinocchi is now a full-fledged riajuu.
Go explode!…… I won’t say that, but I am jealous. When will spring come for me?

Since Kyle-onii-sama said he is going to be spending the Christmas vacation at a villa with his friends, should I tag along?
I have some things I want to talk about as fellow reincarnators.

Recently, I am hoping for someone to bring me someone good.

The weekend is here, so allow me to dish out translations, dear graceful readers. You should expect four, but I grant you the permission to hope for six at most.
I love sounding so snobby and condescending XD

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19 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Side Story 1

  1. it will be another twist is yaachan is actually kyle real imouto IRL before reincarnations. i remember that kyle real sister is a hardcore fans of the otome game as well

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  2. what?? kyle’s sister is another reincarnator and yacchan???
    this is really out of my prediction!!! 😲
    she never appear in the main story, just her name (yacchan) that appear. well it’s good that she meet her bestfriend!!
    but poor her still single~~~
    riajuu explode!!! (because i’m single too TT^TT)
    and again the butler punishment is still a mystery!!
    what punishisment that can make a king became pale too??? 😨
    thanks for the chapter too!!!😘

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  3. a spin-off game with Prince Kyle as the protagonist was announced. In that game, there was scenario for the surprisingly popular villainess Angelica to get together with Prince Kyle

    hoho~ :3

    Well, still, it seems that I will become the rival character in the sequel (although it’s just rumours),

    Owh sh*t!! XD

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  4. Thank you for the chapter!!!
    I’m sooo happy that Michelle aka Chinocchi can meet her friend again!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    Well I somehow want to see Kyle n Angelica’s lovey dovey scene from other people’s eye (´,,•ω•,,)♡


  5. I know Yacchan is looking forward to some quality reincarnator talk with her new brother, but if she has trouble with her best friend as riajuu, if she ever sees Kyle having fun with Angelica, someone really might explode. Maybe a quiet holiday at home would be better, you know?


  6. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Incest? I don’t think so~ i’m sure Kyle’s previous world sister will join in sometime on the series and battle the little sis spot~


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