I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Side Story 3

Side Story 3: Onii-chan’s situation with women.

My onii-chan is changing a little, I think……
As a brocon recognised both by myself and by others, I still love my onii-chan, but the world is strict.


He looks somewhat handsome, and he is quite popular because of his soft and kind personality. However, for some reason, he can’t seem to make his relationships with girls last long.

First, it’s usually that the girl confessed to him persistently that he starts going out with her. I never saw him confess to someone……

Many people think that he will be a ‘good boyfriend’ because of his soft and kind personality, but it appears that it’s not the case.
For example, if mum calls him, saying, “Mum’s coming back late today, so please come home early for your little sister,” he would come back on time, even if he has a date. He prioritises family events over his girlfriend, and if he is forced to choose between studying and dating, he chooses studying.
Thus, the women who became his ‘girlfriend’ all get tired of him, that they break up quickly, with four months being the longest time they lasted……

Before he starts going out, he always explains that ‘he puts his family first’ and that ‘he wants to focus on studying more than on romance’. Then he accepts if they say they want to date him even so. However, when it actually comes down to them, the girlfriends get annoyed by him and eventually break up.
They probably were thinking that they would become ‘his special someone’, but seeing that his attitude did not change, they probably left because they got restless.

Well, I think it’s partly onii-chan’s fault for going out with someone he doesn’t like because he’s tired of rejecting confessions…… But I definitely think that he was using them as sexual release……
He never cheated on them, but I did see a thin square package in his wallet, so it’s certain.


Summer vacation. I decided that I would clear the popular otome game ‘I’ll Risk Everything For You’.
I’ll do it on my own, without relying on any information from the internet nor from books. It will be a hard and lonely task……

Thus, I set my eyes on onii-chan, who just happened to have free time because he broke up recently. He accepted my request to help me clear the game.
I asked him to advise me on what kind of lines would raise the love interests’ affection, from a man’s perspective. To onii-chan, the protagonist was to him, “This bitch, naiwaa~”.
But onii-chan, your past girlfriends, they were like this protagonist a little more roundabout, you know?

“If I were to choose someone, it would definitely be Angelica!”

All your ‘girlfriends’ so far were like Michelle, the protagonist, okay?
Really, he only saw ‘them’ as ‘sexual release’.
Sometimes, he almost sounds like a virgin……

Could it be…… Onii-chan. Are you going to say something like ‘no first love yet’ like a manga protagnoist?
Anyway, he always placidly accepted breakups, and the reason he started dating was also a bit strange, so it’s possible to think that he never really liked any of them, but to never have loved, that’s not possible.
On top of that, his ideal woman is someone beautiful who is independent and can assert herself…… I think it’ll be very hard to find someone like that in real life?

Today, like always, I watched my brother with a lukewarm smile, as he helped me with the game as he dissed the protagonist. “I wish someone like that would really appear for him,” I softly murmured……

And so his first love was achieved in his next life.

This one was really short!

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24 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Side Story 3

  1. heres a question… since imouto-chan is a brocon… what if she also reincarnated with her brother… and is actually Angelica… what would happen then??? she would be happy, the brother presumably would be happy cuz its angelica… and hopefully the personalities are the same… would it be a happy ending???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, since she is a brocon, if she realized it was her real brother she’d want to give him the type of girlfriend he couldn’t get irl. However she doesn’t strike me as somebody that would want to trick her brother, so she’d likely tell him the truth. But if she is Angelica, either she hasn’t regained her memories, OR she hasn’t reincarnated into her yet.


  2. whoaa so even before reincarnated kyle already a riajuu and have many girlfriend??
    but still angelica is his first love!!! xD
    poor little sister but it’s because of you that kyle really love angelica and avoid women like michelle now, so i hope you have a happy love life too!!!
    thanks for the chapter xD


  3. I’m glad we got to see something from the original little sister’s pov. But something I wish more reincarnation novels handled was how the families are handling the death of the sibling/children.

    Like, this girl just lost her beloved onii-san, and we’re never gonna cover that?


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