Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 48

Chapter 48: Still Filling Up
Volume 1 — The Temporary Snow Country Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife

“Ritzhard, wake up.”
“Oi, wake up!”

Morning. Sieg shook me intensely and woke me up. No, I was still half-asleep.

“S-Sieg, shake me a bit softer~”

Meanwhile, I was getting shaken very violently.

“I’ll be up soon~……, Rather, I thought I would be awake before you came back from your stroll~”
“It’s already well past that!”

When I squinted my eyes open, I saw two soft mounds drawing a nice curve at the corner of my sight.
Just in case, I reached out to check the softness, but just before I could touch it my wrist was grabbed harshly and returned to its original position.

“What are you doing from so early in the morning!”
“Well, they were there.”

While lying downwards on the bed, she helped me up. While naked.

Normally, I feel sleepy even after a long time, but seeing my wife’s sensuous figure, I was fully awake.

“Nice view……”
“Then get up already.”

When I came to my senses, I saw that it was already bright outside. I always woke up before sunrise, so that meant I did sleep in a lot today.

“Nn? Huh, did you also just wake up?”
“That’s why I’m here naked.”
“Right, yesterday, no, today? Well, anyway, we did get a little too excited at night.”

There was still some fire left in the fireplace. Because I added some more firewood when we boiled some water to wipe ourselves with hot medicinal water.

I slipped on my top which was lying haphazardly on the bed, and searched for my trousers.

“Sieg, please wear something. That’s poison to the eyes.”

I found my trousers and put them on. After that, I put a blanket on my wife who was sitting while hugging her knees.

“We didn’t have our morning greeting yet.”
“Greeting? Ah.”

I remembered that I had yet to greet her, so I greeted her energetically like usual.

“Morning—, Sieglinde!”

Sieg frowned and narrowed her eyes at me.
She didn’t seem to like the usual greeting that I always had.

“Eh, it’s no good?”
“No, there’s not enough energy.”

Then what was the problem. I ended up asking her because I had no idea.

“……There’s the thing that we always did, right?”

Ah, the couple’s greeting.

“Sieg, sorry. Not right now.”
“Why not.”
“I didn’t shave yet. It’s prickly.”
“I don’t see any beards thought?”
“It does grow though.”

When I said that, Sieg looked into my face and touched my chin.

“It’s not that bad to be bothered by……”

She was defenceless, and did not seem opposed to a kiss so I embraced her locked my lips on hers again.

The kiss gradually grew deeper and fanned us on to the next part.

*censored* <— Don’t mind it if you can see this, it’s just a page break.

……In the end, when we came out to the living room, it was already the afternoon, but thankfully both Ruruporon and Miruporon acted normal.

The two of us reflected that such a thing shouldn’t happen again.


We still have work to do today.

We brought the dogs and went into the forest which now had a thin layer of snow.

When I blew the whistle and ordered the dogs, they ran out energetically.

Sieg and I leaned against each other in the shade and waited for the dogs to find prey.

After a while, the sounds of dogs barking could be heard. Sieg and I split up and hunted prey.

The dogs chased two rabbits.
I shot the one at the front, and then Sieg shot the next one.

She hunted pure white polar rabbits.

“These are nice rabbits.”
“Maybe we should grill them on skewers.”
“Sounds nice.”

Still, they needed to be matured, so it will a few days later.

“Let’s finish up for today.”

When I looked at Sieg, she was slinging the gun over her shoulder while saying, “Alright.”
Inside the bag, there were pheasants and rabbits. When we return, the pheasant will be stored in the icehouse and the rabbit will be left at the hut with some ice on its bellies.
Since the prey we hunted few days ago was ready, I suggested that we have that for dinner today as we arrived home.

Like so, our hunting life in the snow country continued.

We spent the warm days joyfully, as we always did.

The Snow Country Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife — fin.

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End of volume 1. No worries, there’s still a lot more to come. I’m only about 1/3 done.

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38 thoughts on “Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 48

  1. Hm i like this novel very much but it feels like the author just skipped a mayor point.
    The interactions between Rietz and Sieg were always awkward wich in turn made for some very cute conversations/moments.
    But when they finally resolved the missunderstanding that they share mutual love they hugged each other ending it with a censor to their love making.
    I do not really need to read about them having sex but a mayor part of why this novel is fun is because of the male like sieg who is actually very charming and cute if you just get to know her.
    I really would have liked to read about their interactions whent hey finally understood they loved each other.
    To be blunt the whole newlywed phase was skipped straight to the part were they are already mostly used to having some nighttime fun waking up next to each other while being naked.

    I really wonder why the author did such a thing?


    • While it is indeed a little rushed. It’s pretty understandable still. Relationships doesn’t always progress in a constant pace. Sometimes it just makes a breakthrough.

      Maybe you are making too much out of the “night time” ? The “naked morning” is not some deep and profound phase of a relationship. If anything it’s pretty casual. Even if it’s awkward at first due to shyness most people are like that after doing it once or twice. Having sex is also easier than confession for many (especially with a personality like Sieg where it’s easier for her to just do the deed instead of voicing it out in words)


  2. Eh~ So they did it~
    Waa~ Sieg is so cute in the books’ cover~
    Wait a minute! Stop the world! The author of this novel is the same of debt girl that onii-chan’s mafia is translating?!
    That author sure has lots of novels~ and complete at that =o

    Thanks for the chapter~


  3. Thank you translator-san
    feew, when I saw fin I was like, “noo, gimme more!” but then Translator-san say on ly 1/3 finished and I was like “yay, more sweetness and fluffiness!
    Keep up the good work please!


  4. This was adorable, even if the ending to V1 felt a little rushed. Though I’m quite happy that the two of them became intimate, and that even Sieg, for all that she could handle several soldiers, could not handle a Ritz’ libido. Though I do love the fact that she also enjoys his morning kisses.

    I’m hoping V2 is about them starting a family (alongside Aina and Emmerich), and V3 about them raising their family alongside Aina’s and Emmerich’s. I just hope they don’t rush the build-up to children, but a little of thoughtfulness into the two of them enjoying each other’s company first then considering a child and having one at the end of “V2”.

    Liked by 1 person



  6. aaaaaaargh!!! seig Y U SO KYOT!!?? >.< waifu needs proper morning greeting **kissu kissu**

    ** goes back to normal self**
    Thank you Translator san for all these chapters ^^
    Thanks for your hard work!!
    Great job ^^


  7. “I won’t go over details as to what happened next.”

    This sentence, I was laughing at how ambiguous the author left it so I was in denial. Alas! After a few chapters I realized they really did do it XD I feel like if I was doing the usual skim reading some parts then I would have missed it XD

    Thank you for the update!


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