Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 63

Chapter 63: Sieglinde’s Activity Report
Volume 2 — The Honeymoon of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife

When I heard that Ritzhard will be staying with me, I was really happy.
Last year, we spent all the time working together, so I thought that it wouldn’t be too bad to relax together.

However, reality was not as satisfying as I had imagined.

Ritzhard, being the workaholic he is, went out to help father at the ranch. Time passed by quickly without the leisure to relax.

I wanted to help with at least some light work at the ranch, but mother disallowed it. She told me to stay still at home until I entered a stable phase, so my actions were restricted.

Even I do know my situation. I do understand that my arbitrary actions may have a bad influence on the baby inside me.
I said that it wouldn’t be that bad to mother, but she only shook her head.

“The snow is piling up, and the cold northern winds are blowing as well. It would be bad if you caught a cold.”

Compared to the cold of the remote lands, the wintry winds here felt like warm spring warm breezes. I said that, but it wasn’t believed.

However, it was the advice of someone who gave birth to ten people, so I decided to listen to her.
I kept saying that I wanted to go out on the first and second days when Ritzhard came, but from the third day on I spent the time quietly at home.

Another unexpected development was that my family took a liking to Ritzhard.

Father along with my brothers and even my nieces took a liking to him.
Amongst them, father especially likes him. I got a headache from trying to figure out why.

Ritzhard also said this, you really can’t weigh family members about who is the most important. I could really experience it.

I wanted to return to the remote village and live with just the two of us, but it will put a strain on my baby so I have to endure it.

However, I was putting up with frustration and loneliness when I was separated for the past month. So I was thinking, let’s enjoy the second newlywed life.

However, reality was not that sweet, so yet again I ended up just waiting for Ritzhard’s return home.

Though I’m only complaining, I do think that Ritzhard is amazing.
Most people don’t really want to go to the family of their spouses, nor did they interact well with them.

I would receive divine punishment if I ever complained.

Evening. Coming back from work, Ritzhard joyfully talked about what he did with father today.
Though I was thankful that he was doing work for father in stead of my brothers who did not work, I felt a petty jealousy for father that I used to be the one who was working next to Ritz.

From the second day of living together, I reached the limit of patience. Now, I can’t help but draw his attention.


Early morning. After waking up, I quietly went to my room as to not wake Ritz.
In the room specially made for storing clothes, there were many dresses. I called over a maid and discussed which dress would be good.

“How about this dark one here?”
“Ah, right. Let’s use that.”

The dress the maid picked out had the colours of the summer forest that Ritz liked.

The dress was designed so that it would not put stress on a pregnant woman’s belly. It’s open from around the neck to the breast, but from there the dress tightens, and below that the soft fabric unfolds into a long skirt so that it would not constrict around the body.
To make sure that my body would not get cold, a piece of fabric like a blanket was placed over my shoulders and my knees.

After that, it was time to put on makeup. Of course, the maid did it for me. She put on light makeup.

What decorated my chest was something that my father gave me a long time ago…… when I turned sixteen, when I made my debut in high society. A necklace with thick diamond decorations. It was very out of trend, but unfortunately this was the only accessory that I had.

My hair, which reached down a little longer than my shoulders, were tied into one behind my head with many pins, then decorated with a flowery ribbon.

“Sieglinde-sama, you look beautiful.”
“Thank you.”

The maids and servants behind me praised my looks as I checked myself with a mirror.

When I looked at the clock, it was already time to wake Ritzhard. While clutching my long dress skirt, I hurried to his room.


Ritzhard was curling up on the bed. He probably is tired from doing work he wasn’t used to doing.
He was sleeping soundly. I woke him with a loud voice even as I felt sorry.

“Ritz, wake up.”

As usual, he’s weak when he’s waking up. I woke him up, but after responding he blinked a few times and returned to sleep.

Because it couldn’t be helped, I put one knee on the bed, approaching him to shake him awake.


When our gazes met, he opened his eyes wide and got up.

“Uwa, what the!”
“What’s wrong?”
“What, it’s just Sieg~ Iya, I thought a goddess came for me.”

Dressing up from the morning had some effect. Though I only acted as an alarm before anything.

Ritz moved with vigour unexpected of someone who just woke, changing his clothes and washing his face. I thought he would want to braid his hair, but he went out with slight wet and unkempt hair like yesterday and came back in with his hair tied up neatly.

Ritz sat down next to me and showed me a kindly smile.

“Sieg, are you going out somewhere today?”
“No, not really. How about you, Ritz?”
“Making cheese.”
“Is that so.”

Even dressing up failed to draw the attention of the dense Ritz.

However, there was no reason to worry like yesterday so I answered composedly.

“Still, I’m glad.”
“About what?”

Ritzhard stroked the back of my hand, and tiptoed as he gently touched my lips.

“……I don’t want to show such a beautiful Sieg to anyone else.”

I take everything back.
My effort from the morning were properly coming into fruition.


That day, I made sweets with my two nieces. The house’s patissier guided us.
Today, we were making foreign sweets called chocolate truffles.

“Hey, what’s chocolate truffle?”
“Chocolate truffle is a sweet that is made by coating small round chocolate ganache with oily chocolate, then finished by sprinkling cocoa powder.”
“Hehh~ sounds nice!”

The ever curious Adeltraud kept asking questions to the patissier, who was from abroad. Her older sister, the nine-year-old Edelgard was listening quietly. Their personality was opposite of each other’s.

“First, we cut chocolate into small pieces.”

For handling the knife, Edelgard and I did it. Adeltraud watched from afar on a stool.

“Next, the chocolate pieces are to be slowly melted in water.

There were two bowls stacked up. One had hot water, while the other was for chocolate.

The older sister held the bowl while wearing gloves, as the younger sister stirred the chocolate with a spatula. Meanwhile, I warmed cream in a pot, making sure to turn the fire off before the cream started boiling.

Once the chocolate melted nicely, I mixed in the cream until it went soft.

“This is ganache?”

Soft chocolate made by mixing chocolate and cream is called ganache.
The finished ganache is cooled to make it easier to round.

Until the chocolate hardened, we took a short tea break.

“Do you two usually cook?”
“No, it’s the first time today! Right, oneechan?”

Edelgard shyly nodded.

It seems that they are planning to surprise their parents and grandparents with a present.

“Aunt Sieglinde, you also have to tell us how uncle Ritzhard reacted!”

While we were chatting, a servant came and told us that the chocolate was ready.

The hardened chocolate is made into bite-sized round shapes. Then, those are put on a skewer, then submerged in liquid chocolate called couverture chocolate to coat the surface. After that, it’s finished by sprinkling cocoa powder on top.

Neatly wrapped, it looked like a product from a shop.

I asked Ritzhard to give me some time when he came back for lunch.

“Sieg, what do you need?”
“Aa, I made this with Edelgard and Adeltraud.”
“Uwa, what is it?”

Ritzhard unwrapped the box.

“Ah, chocolate.”
“It’s a foreign sweet called chocolate truffle.”

Ritz asked if it was okay for me to eat, then threw a chocolate into his mouth.

“I see.”

Since I thought his mouth would be filled with sweetness, I asked if he wanted some sparkling water with fruit juice.

“Rather, I need the goddess’s kiss.”

Even when I asked where this goddess was, he called my name in a carefree manner.
Since he suddenly said that, I quickly kissed his forehead.

“Huh, it’s for cleansing my palate, but you’re doing it on my forehead~?”

So that’s what he wanted. I hung my head down.

Ritzhard closed his eyes and stayed still.

Since a light kiss isn’t that embarrassing, I drew my face in closer. However, the moment our lips locked, we were locked in an embrace and savouring it.

Though he looked aloof, when I approached he came all out to me so I was surprised.

Everything tasted like chocolate.

Yet again, the memory of chocolate overlapped with the memory of kissing.

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  1. Gahhh! Sieg is adorable! Ritz is so passionate as well. All the yes this chapter. Also, there is no need to apologize, we get that life happens. Heck, I’m just grateful that you translate at all! Thank you. 🙂


  2. i tried eating a spoonfull of grinded coffee and yet it still taste sweet! damn! next chapter im gonna try eating spicy stuff to check if the sweetness level is incomparably strong!


  3. Though I was thankful that he was doing work for father in stead of my brothers who did not work, I felt a petty jealousy for father that I was the one who was working next to Ritz.
    -petty jealousy for father that /he/ was the one

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