Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 65

Chapter 65: As a Noble
Volume 2 — The Honeymoon of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife

For the luncheon at the mansion of House Wattin, it was being held at a different dining hall from usual, a much bigger one.
After reciting to myself that husband and wife should go in with their arms locked, then greet the participants at the door then take seats, I went in with Sieg.

In the dining hall, there were already many people there. I made a shallow smile, bowed down and went to our seats as per the butler’s guidance.

“How fancy.”

Looking at the well dressed up ladies, Sieglinde said in a quiet voice that only I can hear.

“But Sieg is the prettiest.”

I whispered as I parted from her to sit across her.

It seemed that we were the last to arrive, since as soon as we sat down father-in-law gave a toast to thank everyone for coming.

As the servants busily started setting the table, I started talking with the people around me.
Everyone seemed to be interested in me, a foreigner, so they asked many questions.

“That’s a rare hair colour.”
“All the people back home have the same hair colour.”
“I see. It’s like the hair colour seen only in stories.”
“Well, yeah.”
“What was it. There was this story I read when I was little.”

I wonder if the snow fairy story is famous here. If this many people say that I’m alike, it’s worrying as to how similar I am to that.

The luncheon ended without much event. I had two flowers, young ladies, next to me, but I found out that I only yearned for one flower. Thinking of how I used to love all women equally, I did change a lot.

After the meal, we split into men and women and spent relaxing times.
The women had an elegant tea party. The men had vulgar talks with cigar and alcohol, to vent out their frustration.

Since there were many people around father-in-law, I sneaked away to a corner to not be spotted. I sipped a glass of sparkling fruit liqueur, almost lapping it.

“May I sit next to you?”
“Ah, yes.”

The man who approached this lonely corner was the husband of the lady who had been sitting next to me.

“Conrad von Baer Walbgen, at your service.”
“Ritzhard Salonen Revontulet.”

We introduced ourselves and raised our glasses.
Conrad was the same age as I was. Moreover, he was Sieg’s subordinate.

“Today, I got really tense.”

Sieg looked happy throughout the banquet because she was enjoying her reunion with a former colleague.

I also learned something unexpected. He was also an acquaintance of the only friend of mine in this country, Kayneth von Brzenska.

“I told him about Lieutenant Wattin, ah, she’s Lady Revontulet now. Anyhow——“

It seems that it was him who told my friend about the ‘Crimson Eagle’. What a coincidence.

“Truth be told, it wouldn’t be weird for her to have a higher command, but she refused promotions and stayed in our unit to continue commanding us.”

The stories of Sieglinde in her military career were brave and valiant.

“I apologise. I ended up talking to much.”
“No, no. It’s alright.”

Since I couldn’t possibly say that I wanted to hear about Sieg’s heroic exploits, I told him that I was thankful to hear such priceless stories.

“Right. This weekend, there will be holding a hunting competition. Kayneth is coming. Why don’t you come as well?”

Since I had my head full of Sieglinde, I haven’t been in contact with my old friend. I did meet him at the ball last month, but I only exchanged brief sentences with him, so I want to have an opportunity to slowly talk with him.

“How about it? Is it the first time hunting?”
“N-No, I enjoy it.”

I didn’t have any worries about hunting, but I couldn’t arbitrarily decide here.

“May I ask my wife first?”
“Yes, of course.”

After saying that, I regretted it. It’s bad to say that my actions were being controlled by my wife.
When I hastily made up an excuse, he smiled and said, “The lieutenant is a good commander after all.” Conrad, you are a good man.


After safely finishing the luncheon and having a reflection meeting with father-in-law, we had dinner.
When I went to my bedroom after taking a bath, the goddess was lying in the bed as always. Since I was thankful, I clasped my hands in my head.

I changed into my pyjamas and dived into the bed. I talked about Conrad.

“So, I was invited to a hunt.”
“Of course you can go.”
“Thank you. What about you?”

My wife is having a tea party at Conrad’s mansion. Sieg too was urged, so I tried asking.

“Can I also?”
“Alright. I’ll write that in the letter.”

Since I didn’t have anything more, I closed my eyelids to go to sleep. But then Sieglinde poked my shoulder with her fingers.

“Sieg, what is it?”
“Just a bit before we sleep.”

Sieg talked about many things that happened today.
While listening to her story, I thought that it’s tough being a lady.

“Today, there were only young and pretty ladies, but I was glad that Ritz said that I was the prettiest.”
“Of course Sieg is the most dazzling person in the world.”
“Is that so.”

Saying that, I brushed back her hair and rubbed the ornament on her earlobes with the tips of my fingers as if to check it. Maybe because that act was ticklish, she had her eyes open thinly.

“I just wanted to talk. Sorry, this is somehow embarrassing, it got long. Let’s sleep now.”

The hand that was caressing her earlobes were grabbed and returned to its original position.
Even though I felt disappointed, I shut my eyes tight from the thought that Sieg too must be tired.

“Good night, Sieglinde.”
“Aa, sleep well.”

The quiet night passed by peacefully.


At the weekend hunt, we were looking for a small animal called roe deer.
Surprisingly, it seemed that hunting was done for entertainment among nobles. Even the target is predetermined: Royalties hunt deers, nobles hunt roe deers, and the rest hunt rabbits.

“The dogs will find the prey in the forest, so please wait.”

I learned the rules then mounted the horse, proceeding into the forest with my old friend, Kayneth.

“Kayneth, we’re finally alone together.”
“You idiot! Don’t say something so disgusting!”
“Sorry. I just felt happy.”

Kayneth von Brzenska.
He has many circumstances, and became a noble when he was eighteen. He doesn’t speak like a noble, but thanks to that attitude I quickly got close to him.

“Really, I didn’t think you’d marry the ‘Crimson Eagle’.”
“Right. I never thought that she would agree.”

When I told him about the one year long temporary couple life, Kayneth said that it’s nice that I had a miracle.

“Really, Sieg is the goddess of miracles.”
“So, I was right about getting a strong wife, eh?”
“Well, indeed.”

Kayneth advised me to find a strong woman who could survive the harsh life in the remote lands. However, because I only went after women who were pretty, I kept getting rejected. He had not wrong about getting a strong wife.

Since we were chatting so much, the animals didn’t come near us, and the dogs looked disappointed because they could not find any prey.

“Since it’s hunting, I thought you’d go all out.”
“Well, it’s a bit different from back home.”

Indeed, hunting animals for entertainment didn’t feel good so I couldn’t put my heart into it.

For me, hunting is done for survival, not for entertainment. Old habits die hard.

When I returned to the meeting point, people were evaluating who got the biggest one.
Seeing that, I really did feel the difference in culture.

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11 thoughts on “Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — 65

  1. I had two flowers, young ladies, next to me, but I found out that I only yearned for one flower. Thinking of how I used to love all women equally, I did change a lot.

    Fome to think of it. He said in earlier chaoter hat he had girlfriends but they flee after come to his hometown.
    This is evidence that he was da real player back then…

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  2. Thank you for the chapter!
    It was a disappointing chapter on a part, I so wished for him to show the others that he isn’t only what he seems to be, like the time when he hunted those illegal hunters. I hope in the future the others will get to see his manly side and not only his womanly one.

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  3. Reminds me of this one talk I had with my British ex about hunting. Where she lives, they do it for sport. In West Virginia, it’s have sport, a quarter survival, and a quarter bonding.


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