Miniature Garden Chemister — V1C14

Volume 1 — Different World Life, Start
14. Hinami and Ikuru — 2

Ah, amazing! Rainbow-coloured butterflies!
There are rabbits over there!
Ah! What’s that!? A deer? Is that a deer—!!?

“Hinami-sama, please calm down now…”
“Ah! I’m really sorry…”

About 30 minutes since we got on the stagecoach… was it? The scenery outside the window was beautiful and there were many animals, so while I didn’t shout I moved my body a lot. Uu, how embarrassing.
The stagecoach pulled by 2 horses had 3 rows of simple wooden boards for sitting. However, there are no backrests so it’s not very comfortable. The moo was being pulled by the stagecoach, running at the same speed. It was faster than I expected, so I was surprised…! I thought that cows walk slowly, but maybe moos can run very fast.
In front of Ikuru and me who were sitting in the back, there was a 3-people adventurer party. I wonder if the strong-looking bulky man is a swordsman? He has a large sword on his back. With tanned skin, the man fights as his short hair flutters in the air! Or something like that. He was also wearing armour that would be too heavy for me as if it were the most natural thing. But he’s nodding off now. Then next to him, there’s a man wearing robes. A mage, maybe…? I couldnt’ see his weapon while I could see a tome by his waist. He had pretty and soft-looking blond hair and thin eyelashes. His style was good, that he felt like a foreign model. But he’s also sleeping. The last person was a woman with a bow. Her pink bob hair was fluttering cutely, and had cat ears above that, a therianthrope. The swaying tail and the ears that move sometimes looked very soft, that I almost unconsciously reached out. Ah, this person isn’t sleeping!

“The scenery was beautiful, so my tension went up!”
“…I see, that’s nice.”
“Yup. A beautiful scenery heals the heart.”

I breathed deeply and looked at the city that now looked small.
I’ll be back soon, wait for me!!



“You’re nice and lively!”

I turned around from being suddenly talked to.
It was the lady with the cat ears that talked to me who had turned around to see the city. “It’s nice that it’s clear,” she commented as she smiled.

“Ah, yes! It’s clear so I can see far… it’s great!”
“Right right. It feels depressing when it rains.”

I nodded in agreement.

“Are you… an adventurer?”
“Hm? Yes. Do you want to become one?”
“Ah, I am an adventurer for the time being.”

When I conveyed that, Ikuru seemed more surprised than the lady. Come to think of it, I never said much about myself…! I’ll have to properly introduce myself once I get home.

“Was that so. I never realised, sorry.”
“No. Rather, wanting an ID card was the biggest reason.”
“Ah— I see. That is convenient, and it’s easy to get information if you’re in the guild. There’s a lot of people who only register.”
“Eh! Really??”

It seems like there are people like me…? who register only for the ID. For me who does not know much about the guild, I felt relieved for some reason that there are other people like me.
Still… I guess information is easy to get at the guild. Since I’m still new to this world, taking a look at the guild might be a good idea.”

“E-Excuse me! What do adventurers specifically do?”
“Ahh… so you really don’t know the details. Then let me tell you!”
“Wah! Thank you very much.”
“Mn. The guild acts as a base for adventurers for like me. People who want to be adventurers can register there to become one. Then there’s support and information from the guild. The guild exists in any country in 〈Letisreel〉, while not affiliated to any countries. It’s neutral.”
“Yes. So adventurers registered in the guild don’t need to go through bothersome procedures to get to other continents. If you show your guild card at the border, the guild takes care of the rest.”

Ohhh… that does sound convenient.
While reorganising the information in my head so that I won’t forget, I asked the lady about many things.
It seems like the guild of this world is bigger than I though.


The guild is an organisation that exists in all regions of 〈Letisreel〉.
It’s not affiliated with any country and its stance is always ‘neutral’.

To register as a guild adventurer, there are two conditions.
1st, the age must be at least 10.
2nd, there should be no criminal records.

Once registered in the guild, guild facilities can be used.

Requests… Receiving it or putting up one is both possible. There are requests from the guild, requests from normal people and even requests from the country sometimes. The request from the guild are the gathering of items that are always necessary. That and the defeating of monsters. Requests from people are usually escort requests, requests for collecting certain items, or for miscellaneous errands.

Buying and selling… The guild buys items such as drops from monsters. The prices depend on the region, but unlike normal stores the guild buys all materials.

Study groups… There are two kinds: theories and skills. A guild adventurer can participate in the study groups regularly hosted by the guild. From theory classes, general knowledge for adventurers, as well as knowledge on varieties of medicinal herbs, precious items and habitats of monsters can be learned. The skill classes have veteran adventurers personally guiding battle techniques, so there are many novice adventurers in those classes.

Informations… A wide variety of information gathers in the guild. From the guild posters or from guild employees, various information can be learned. Especially regarding the movement of monsters, the information is directly related to the well-being of adventurers so it’s closely monitored.


I see… I should make sure to not forget.
But study groups, that sounds nice… should I participate next time…? I should be able to learn about medicinal herbs! Right, let’s do it.

“That was the minimal information. Other than that, the guild hosts many things so if you find the guild in other places you should visit.”
“Next, about the adventurers! Adventurers are relatively free…”
“Yup. Adventurers don’t have obligation to do anything specific. There are people like us who fight with monsters… while there are also people who only research magic without actually fighting. Then… the most common are chemisters.”

Chemisters are the most common after all! There are lots of people like me in the world. Maybe noticing I reacted to the word ‘chemister’, the lady asked, “Could you be a chemister?”

“Ah, for now…”
“I see, I see. Anyone can become a chemister and it’ll be hard for parties without healers like us if we didn’t have restoratives (potions). We’re alive thanks to those.”
“Right. People that fix up injuries using healing magic. It’s a rather rare magic, so there aren’t many people that can use it. So our party also doesn’t have any healers.”

I see… a rare job. Healers… sounds grander than chemisters. I thought the demand for restoratives (potions) would be low because of magic, but it’s a rare magic that not many can learn…! I yearn for such things a bit. But then, that would mean participating in battles, so chemister would have been good for me. Yes, I’m… a chicken.

“Then, we reached a stop. We’re going to stay on and head to the next city, how about you?”
“Ah, we’re getting off here~”
“I see. Then it’s goodbye…! Work hard, rookie adventurer-san.”
“Yes! Thank you for teaching me various things!”

After confirming that it stopped, Ikuru and I got off the stagecach. Without losing balance or tripping, my two feet reached the ground. No, well, I… I’m not someone that trips where there’s nothing, you know? It’s true!
We waved to the stagecoach heading the other direction and I shouted, “Thank you,” to the lady. Come to think of it, I couldn’t talk with the other two people… well, they were sleeping? So it can’t be helped. For some reason, all the people I meet are nice people, that I feel happy.

“Now, shall we go, Hinami-sama.”
“Yeah. Let’s walk hard to my home!”



While down the path to the forest, I looked around. Currently, we’re travelling through the plains. A nice breeze was blowing, tickling my cheeks.

“Right! On the way, we’ll be picking rare plants and flowers on the way, so tell me if anything happens, okay.”
“Yes, understood, miss.”

Gununu. Does Ikuru use polite language all the time? Or is he being polite because he’s talking to me? No, he’s definitely being polite just to me, right? If possible, I’d like him to be more relaxed with me… Ikuru is a sharp ikemen, so it doesn’t feel weird even if he always speaks politely… but still.

“Hey, Ikuru, do you always talk like that? Or are you being polite just to me?”
“Ah! You averted your gaze! So you were being polite after all!”

The way he avoided my eyes taught me the answer. We need to have a match! Of course, a staring contest with me.
Standing still and glaring him. It’s a daring skill used until Ikuru stops being so polite. It’s my win if Ikuru looks away! It’s Ikuru’s victory if I look away. By the way, this actually has a counter technique. The name of the skill is ‘Do! Ge! Za!’
Long time ago, when I had a fight with my little sister that we couldn’t give up, I was caught by that skill. Caught splendidly with that, I had to concede the TV channel to my little sister…

“……Okay, I’ll stop with the polite speech.”
“Yay, I won…!”

At the 3 minute mark, my victory was decided. Looks like Ikuru’s not used to glaring. No, people usually aren’t used to that, I guess…
Anyhow, this went in a nice direction, I think? Or is that too lax of a thought? Still, it’s already the 2nd day, so it’s a good result! Let’s think that.

Afterwards, Ikuru and I chatted about childish things as we walked on. Rather, Ikuru was dumbfounded, “Why can’t you go home alone…” Are you saying that I’m a lost child. People say that women can’t read maps well, but I…… yes, I’m bad with maps.
Then about 10 minutes later, we could see the entrance to the forest. It’s only a little bit more to my house.

“Com to think of it, the house is in the forest of the lost. Do you know the way?”

I blinked a few times. Right, the location…! I thought that I would know once I get to the forest. What am I doing, How stupid can I get…!!

“No, it’s okay. My home’s near once we get to the forest of the lost!”
“……Well, if Hinami-sama says so, alright. Even without magic tools, this forest should be alright. Let’s continue forth.”
“Mn. It’s alright, so leave it to me!”

I did think this out.
Thia-chan was chased by the hard wolves from the normal forest up to my house. Thus, it won’t be that far! Because, running while fighting is hard. I think it should be quite close.

We headed into the forest in the order of Ikuru, the moo and me. Maybe because this was a forest for beginners to train in, it was quite flat and easy to walk in. In addition, Ikuru snapped branches or called out obstacles as he took the lead so that it would be easy to get through. I’m sorry for making Ikuru do all the work, but it really helps.

“Hinami-sama, up ahead, there’s a rabbit and a chicken. It won’t attack, so we’ll pass right by.”
“Ohh… a rabbit! I raise chickens in my house.”
“Really? Well, there are lot in this forest.”

Though… I can’t see any rabbits nor chickens…? Didn’t Ikuru have bad eyesight…? How can he see…
But when we proceeded about 30 metres I could also see it. A small rabbit and a chicken.

“Hey, Ikuru, how did you see that rabbit from so far away?”
“Ah… it’s search magic. I can use wind magic.”
“Ehhhhh!? Really!?”
“It’s not that surprising, is it…?”
“No no no. I never knew, that’s amazing!”

Ikuru could use such magic. Rather, how’s magic in this world? Can everyone use it…? Could it be that most people can use it while not many people are unable to…?

“People who can use magic aren’t rare…?”
“I think most people can? But there aren’t many people who can use it effectively though.”
“Heh… so you won’t get better if you don’t practice?”
“Something like that.”
“Then, Ikuru is amazing!”
“No way. I can only use magic for searching. Well, it’s convenient so it’s nice.”

What, so nothing flashy like attack magic. No, I’m not saying that I’m disappointed, I just wanted to see it, or that I felt it’s quite amazing, something like that.
But I see. Thia-chan also chanted something to use magic. I don’t need to do that for my skills, but incantations are a bit embarrassing.
While thinking about that, we passed the place where the rabbit and the chicken was. I wanted to take them home, but right now I have a moo so I can’t! I’ll definitely come back later, so wait for me…! I thought and parted ways. I want to raise a rabbit. Because it’s fluffy and cute.

“Ah, 1 hard wolf is coming this way.”
“Eh, ueh!?”
“Wait, what was that…”

Like Ikuru said, a hard wolf was rushing this way. Dangerous dangerous, dangerous!

“Ikuru, we have to run away…!”
“Eh? It’s okay, I can win.”
“Hah…! Right, Ikuru can fight…! But it still looks strong!?”

Indeed, the contract was for escort purposes, but if it’s actual combat it’s still scary! Go get ‘em! Or something like that, there’s no way I can say it~!!!
While I was panicking, Ikuru took a step towards the hard wolf. Then he swung the staff and smashed the hard wolf from blow. I blurted out a cry from the beautiful flowing action.
The hard wolf that was knocked back hit a tree and disappeared… leaving behind fangs and the fur.

“Eh… with just one strike!?”
“It’s just small fry though?”

I ended up saying ‘pokaan’ from my mouth! Ikuru was this strong? Rather, the wolf was a small fry? What? I have no idea…! But still, we’re safe, so it’s all good.
When I stepped in front of the moo to get to Ikuru, I heard a voice from Ikuru.

“Stop…! There’s something…”

Ikuru stuck out his right hand to stop and gestured for me to be quiet.


Thank you for the bookmarks, comments, reviews and criticisms.
I’m very happy!

Also, I’m sorry for the late replies to the comments…


I got a lot of comments regarding the slavery system! There were a lot, so I was surprised…!

For now, at the laid-back Hinami pace, the peculiar? slavery system of this world will be explained soon.
I’d be happy if you wait a bit until then!
Still, I’m very pleased that there are a lot of comments, including about the slaves!
Thank you very much…!!

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I usually don’t translate this author’s comments since most are thanking people for the views, but this I decided to.

By the way, personally, I think half this novel’s charm is from Hina-chan’s childish nature.

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