I got LNs!!!

Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi

At the Northern Fort

Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

I recommend that if you enjoyed the series that you buy them. You’ll enjoy the series even more. It also supports the authors.

General things about the Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi novels:

  • Extra stories not in the web novel (Sieglinde’s diary entries, Tennis, Ritzhard with the dog Ritz, as examples)
  • Beautiful illustrations + gorgeous kiss scenes
  • Ritz’s illustrations are beautiful and he looks feminine. And he becomes even more like that. Heck, the illustration of old Ritz resembles the picture of his mother.
  • Sieg feels like a shounen manga protagonist early on because of the pictures. But of course she gradually becomes the beautiful lady.
  • Crafting, now with cute diagrams!
  • Great stuff about the side characters too. (Aina, the Porons Rangos, the sisters Edelgard and Adeltraud)
  • Remember the aurora illustration? Try reimagining that with the couple and their five children.
  • A collaboration with At the Northern Fort for more cute stories.

I’ll not reveal too much about the At the Northern Fort novels other than that it’s so cute since not much of it is translated yet.

Gah the novels are too good…… *nosebleeds*

Right! Thank you for reading my ramblings.


5 thoughts on “I got LNs!!!

  1. Uwah…. when.. !? When they get that marriage ceremony!!

    The art is beautiful!! I want to see that fluffy scene..!! Especially the one between Sieglinde and Ritz-chan! ♡♡♡


  2. First of all, Thank you for your hard work, Kudarajin. I’m grateful. I was feeling really down when I read Otoyomegatari will be on hiatus for 3 months or so. On that particular sites comment section, someone recommended this very Novel and redirected to your site.

    In the beginning I was planning to savor it slowly and thoroughly till end of the Hiatus but boy oh boy I was wrong, very wrong. It was very interesting and cute at the same time. Instead, within a last week of December, I read till the end. It was really memorable and enjoyable read so far! Heck I still think about Marquess’s trauma here and there now. Thank you again! 😀

    Would really like to see the scans if it’s possible just to calm myself from your tease. xD


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