I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game — V2C1

Winter vacation is a mystery
Chapter 1: Just from her visit, I feel healthier.


Long time no see, folks. Sorry about the long unannounced hiatus. I am now in Hong Kong to study for university. I have been busy the past months doing some jobs, learning a new language (Mandarin, though I’m studying Cantonese now since I’m living in Hong Kong) and general fatigue and laziness.

I just came back from the orientation tea gathering of the Animation and Comics Association of my university and there I was inspired to resume translating.

I can’t promise you a regular schedule but I’ll try to pick up the pace again. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this.

Currently, I am recuperating in my dorm room.

When I was assaulted by Erius, my internal organs were damaged so even though 3 days had already passed since then, I’m still not allowed to get out of bed. If you ask me, it’s not a serious injury. But this life where I can’t get out of bed unless I want to use the toilet feels like imprisonment.

You might be asking why I am recuperating in the dorm instead of in the palace, no?
I also think that resting at the palace should be better, but because of diplomacy with our neighbour this incident can’t be made public.
Well, it’s because, I, the imperial crown prince, I was attacked by a prince whose succession right is low, you know? Normally, it wouldn’t be weird to interpret this as a declaration of war to our country. Since we know that they don’t any such plans, using our diplomatic leverage, this case was closed smoothly.
Thus, with ‘poor condition from cold’ as the excuse, I am stuck in the bed in my dorm room.

On top of that, a letter came from my father with the words, ‘Some things to alleviate your boredom during recuperation,’ with a pile of documents to sign along with a form to write a report regarding this incident.

I really think he’s the Devil!
Pushing on twice the workload on a son who is sick and in bed, that’s not what parents are supposed to do, is it!?

But well, worried about me, Angelica, Louis, Jessica, Douglas and April come visit me every day, and Louis helps my work all the time so I don’t feel too angry at my father.

Especially among those visits, the one I look forward to the most is, of course, Angelica’s visits.
Being fed by Angelica the fruits Daniel peeled is my biggest bliss for me who can’t get out of bed right now!

“Angelica, I want peaches next……”

When I behave like a spoiled child to Angelica who is sitting on the bedside chair,

“Understood. Then, Kyle-sama, say ah—n?”

She feeds me a bite-sized slice of peach with a fork.

When I open my mouth to Angelica’s ‘ah—n’ the sweet fruit enters my mouth.
It’s something I always think, but anything Angelica feeds me taste tonnes better than usual. It’s mysterious.

“When I’m fed by Angelica I can taste the ingredients manyfold better… It must be because there’s your affection for me inside? What am I saying.”

I should say what I honestly thought.

It sounded like hackneyed pick-up line but there was an effect on Angelica, as she blushed deeply and looked downwards.
However, she wasn’t falling over anytime soon.

“There indeed is my affection…… but, I say with confidence, more than that, it’s because Kyle-sama likes me too much that it tastes unnecessarily better!”

Still blushing and looking down, she spoke this quickly in a soft voice!

I. Want. To. Hug. Her.

Why is Angelica so cute?
I seriously suspect that she’s born to seduce me.

I want to hug her so bad immediately, but we’re in the bedroom.
It’d be absolutely impossible to do that!
It can lead so many dangerous situations just by hugging her!

So I’m clenching fists and holding back…
But Angelica, she……

Why is she glancing at me like she’s expecting something!?
It’s probably subconscious but she just brushed her lips with her fingers…

What, what’s that.
Can I think that she wants a kiss?
No, that’s all it could be, isn’t it!?

She’s Angelica alright. I’m restraining myself with my everything, but she’s seducing me so divinely as if to snort at my efforts.

Angelica’s so defenceless it hurts…
I’m also a healthy teenager you know?
If she’s that provocative, she’ll make me hor…… I mean, I won’t able to stop myself!?

But here, I’ll show my skill as the “Love Interest Ranking #1 Ikemen Prince” and somehow avert the crisis!

“Well, you are slightly wrong there.”

When I denied her words with a stern expression, her face contorted into a sad expression.
From my words, she probably thought that my affection for her is lower than her expectation.
From her sudden feelings, she cast her gaze downwards.
To her who was reacting as I expected, I gently extended my hand and touched her cheek and made her look into my eyes.

“I don’t like Angelica, but love Angelica. It’s troublesome if you get that wrong, you see?”

Playing by the book of ‘playing hot and cold’, I directed a smile into my lover’s eyes, spoke those words then kissed Angelica on the lips.

Truly, I need to stop here…
I am an adolescent. I can’t stop once I start.

So, that’s that.
I confiscated the bowl of fruit she had in her hand and placed it on the table.
Then I pulled her empty hands……


……And then a loud noise, which definitely was made on purpose, was heard as bedroom door opened.
The person who opened the door which was not closed to begin with was of course Daniel.

Of course, I can’t really do anything in this situation and Daniel intervening was expected… but it still is regrettable to get interfered.

“Forgive me, Your Highness. The documents for today have arrived. Please review them within today.”

I stared reproachfully at Daniel who delivered work with a cold and indifferent expression.

“Your Highness, surely you know that those eyes will not help. Surely you realise that you are asking for the impossible?”

‘Oh dear,’ Daniel’s eyes seemed to say as his gaze landed on me.

Stop looking at me like I’m a troublemaking kid!
I’m not bad! All healthy adolescents have a similar mindset!!
If there’s  couple who like each other together in a room in such a mood it’s not too strange, is it!?
If it’s modern Japan, couples of our age can definitely do it, damn the morals of this world!

Well, in our position, premarital sex can’t ever be forgiven and in the case that I do, it creates a huge scar in Angelica’s reputation.
If I truly love her I have to hold it in for at least 3 years…

……Good luck! Me!!

Even as I curse all the riajuus, I’ll toughen up my training to become the ‘Great Sage Kyle’!
You better watch!
I’m gonna do it!
Even though I’m not near 30 and just in my teens, I’ll show you the potential to become a great mage!!

I swore so to no one and kissed Angelica’s soft hand and cheek to seal the oath.

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50 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game — V2C1

  1. Thanks!
    Anyway, IMO this paragraph:
    “I want to hug her right now, but we’re in a bedroom.
    It’s too good to be true!
    It won’t just be hugs, I can feel danger ahead, something that will make me feel sorry!”

    I think it’s better with something like this:
    “I want to hug her so bad immediately, but we’re in the bedroom.
    It’s absolutely impossible to do that!
    It can lead so many dangerous situations just by hugging her!”

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  2. Thank you so much! Welcome back and take it easy, whatever you can do whenever is a gift so no need to worry~ As for the chapter, as always, Kyle and Angelica are too cute! Can’t wait to read more~


  3. As someone who lives in Hong Kong, I can say with absolute certainty…you’re pretty screwed, Cantonese is hell to learn as a language. Good luck anyways XD, and welcome to the devil’s sauna.

    Thanks for the chapter :), and Kyle’s back to enjoying his love life I see.


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    My mom= “No, it’s your usual canned fruit you know.”
    Okay, this chapter caused my salad taste much sweeter than usual

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  5. Welcome baaaack!!! aaand Thank you for the update!!!!
    I know how hard learning Mandarin is and even more so Cantonese…Good luck!!!😂
    Don’t push yourself though!

    Kyle and Angelica are so cute I can’t stop grinning lol
    This chapter alone managed to surpass my sugar intake for a week 😂


  6. Thank you for the chapter!!
    Can’t wait for more Kyle x Angelica cuteness. I love it that Kyle is not a shy teenage virgin and act romantic to Angelica ❤️😍


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    Also is this discontinued ?


  8. I just hope somebody else will pick this up as there are just about as many chapters in volume 2 as there are in volume 1 currently. It was really good ;( Hope for more!?

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