I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 17

Chapter 17: That place was the spot of terror.

“Kyle-kou, may I have some of your time?”
(TN: -kou is used for addressing princes.)

Henry approached the six of us in the dining hall two days after we felt that Bitch’s personality completely changed.
He approached us with a sly grin on his face.
That face showed, ‘I’m scheming something, so what?’ like a small fry. For a prince to feel like a small fry, I’m worried about the neighbouring kingdom.

I want to shrug here, as if I’m saying ‘mum told me not to follow strangers who give candies’, in a wild manner!
It’s scary seeing that bespectacled bastard smirking like that!
Is he pulling the strings here!?
It’s also frightening to see Henry’s butler pour tea for Brad as well!

“Because of recent events, we are acting together. If it does not trouble you for all six of us to be present, shall we change the place?”

Louis, who realised I was slightly trembling in fear (and was also feeling the same fear), responded in my stead.
I shot a sour expression to Henry on purpose for a moment, and quickly returned to an impassive expression.
I know it’s not a face that should be made to a prince, but I should let it show that I know they’re planning something.
They were making faces at me, too, anyway.

“I don’t mind. I only wish for some time to talk with Prince Kyle.”

Henry pretended to not have understood the subtle refusal and keep at it.
As we were acting composed, his expression changed as if he thought up something and started yelling something at Bitch.

“…… Hey, Michelle! Didn’t you want to talk to the Imperial Prince? Weren’t you always excited about him, going ‘lovely, lovely’? ……Come to think of it…… You didn’t say that much recently, huh?”
“…R,…Right! L, lovely! To be able to talk with Kyle-sama……!”
“See, Michelle also wants to talk with you. I want to talk about the recent commotions.”

Henry, still keeping a sly expression, suddenly smiled at Bitch. Suddenly talked to, Bitch made a dumbfounded expression, but forced herself to look excited.
Henry takes advantage of her reaction and clings on tenaciously.
Needless to say, we don’t want to be involved with perverts like Henry and Brad.
While I was thinking how to refuse, I turned my sight towards Bitch……

Bitch, you…… your face is twitching madly, you know?
I can’t say that is a new character either……

And in the eyes of Henry who was watching Bitch there was a dangerous glint, and as for Brad……
I, didn’t, see, anything!!

What the heck! That’s scarier than a horror house!?
A different kind of scary, but still!!

Furtively turning my gaze to our people, I saw that Louis, Angelica and April’s faces were also twitching.
Douglas and Jessica watched on, interested.

……Dense people and natural airheads are the best……
At times like this, I want to become dense, really.

Anyway, how should I refuse this?

“Kyle-sama, there were some documents that need to be finished by today. I believe it might be better to prioritise those first today?”

While I was pondering, Angelica floated a rescue boat!
Thank you! I’m getting on board at full power!!

“Is that so…… I apologise, if it does not trouble you, may we talk later?”
“It can’t be helped then.”

I stood up and flashed the usual smile at Henry. Henry too stared at me with a smile of his, but he stopped stubborn.

“If you wish to discuss about Robert, I have nothing I can say. That is matter for House Redford and the Empire so it is not something to easily say to others…… especially to foreigners.”

They also might use Robert as an excuse, so I tell them that I can’t say anything in advance.
Since I said everything I wanted to say, I decided to leave this place quickly.

“Then, shall we return to the office.”

Without looking back, we strode out of that spot of terror……
I didn’t run away! This is a tactical withdrawal!!
I repeat! This is a tactical withdrawal!!


Taking shelter in the office, we spent rest of the afternoon exhausted. The mental fatigue was just so great.
We couldn’t even sip on Daniel’s tea.
……No, wait. Douglas and Jessica were still enjoying their tea…… Dense people and natural airheads are strong?
Our mental structure is different.
However…… they weren’t always this way. What happened?
It could be that they became this way to avoid mental afflictions. A self-protection method of the human brain, perhaps.


After we spent a few hours at the office, we saw the ladies off while pleading them to not act on their own.

Louis, Douglas and I had dinner together, and then Louis and I had tea in my room.
The superb butler Daniel prepared excellent green tea again.

“Thank you, Daniel.”
“I am just doing my duty, sir.”

I thanked him sincerely.
I especially like today’s tea.

It was really terrifying today.
The fear I feel from a degenerate is not something to be underestimated.

When I sighed heavily, I saw Louis sigh heavily too.

“What should we do about that? Frankly, I do not wish to be involved.”
“……I most vehemently agree. I also do not wish to be involved. However……”
“Right, but still…… just what……”

We sighed heavily at the same time.

As there is the possibility that someone close to us might be hurt, we can’t ignore it.
Even if the adversary is terrifying, we have to face it.

Why are all my adversaries martians?
Plus, this time it’s a cunning one that is harmful to humanity.
However, we lack too much information regarding this.
Information is the best defence and offence in fights.
But I don’t want to make Louis investigate more, nor do I want to do it myself.
They’re dangerous, I can’t risk it.

“Daniel…… can I ask you to do it?”

When croaked so, half tears, Daniel appeared next to me and made a ‘my my’ face. Still.
(TN: my my = yare yare)

“Understood, sir.”

The superb butler still accepted such a pathetic request from his master. I really like my butler Daniel!

Louis, who was holding his breath, smiled upon hearing Daniel’s reply and then we relaxed, letting the strength leave our shoulders.

Then, someone knocked on the door.

Who is it at this time?

It is abnormal for one to visit someone else after dinner without notifying in advance.
Also, there are specific magical instruments used by servants for notifying future visits, so there usually are no knocks.
If there is knocking on the door, it meant that a student or a teacher came directly to the room.

To such a suspicious person Daniel silently and swiftly responded.

A while later, the person behind Daniel was———

“I apologise for intruding at this time.”

Bitch, deep in thought.

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39 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 17

  1. okay… It will be social war… plus mystery of magic + reincarnation
    and big story behind game that its in that game but no one notice it even MC already finish that game…
    Angelica nuuuuuuuu >.<


    • She probably is. The flustering from last chapter showed that she changed as in another person occupied her body now. This also explains the divinations. It could be that the bitch was herself and the sister told her to get to the scenes where she would meet the other capture targets as to get the full ending, aka living happy with all the males since that seems to be the only true happy ending in this game where the other endings end badly for the girl. This didn’t turn in well and now when the sister took over the body she got a huge problem which is getting the bad ending with the rest of the character. This last action of hers may be to get the help of the country prince to help her overcome the situation since she will die….kinda sux that you die like this when you reincarnated into your favorite game which turned out like this. xD

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  2. @.@ This…looks like it may go to a bad ending! Oh nuuuuuu!!! (Well, as long as Kyle and Angelica are fine, I don’t much care. Heh.)

    But still, =.= this kind of terrifying Otome game…is there a real one??? (Morbid curiosity)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Most likely someone take over bitch body and still remember everythings that bitch do.
    Just like our MC who do take over but still have a complete memories.


    • Forgot to mention that I like the new site theme. It’s clean and legible. Reminds me of how the Instapaper iOS app looks, which is a good thing.


  4. Thanks for the chapters!!! ❤
    Woww! Has Bitch finally realize how Bitchy she has been? Lol
    Let's wait patiently for the next chapter!


  5. Number of people in comments referring to her as “Bitch”: 11

    Number of people referring to her as”Michelle”: 0

    Kinda sad for her now…but…

    Percentage of people who refer to her as “Bitch” because they don’t remember her name, because the MC never uses it: ???

    Thanks for the chapters! 😃


  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy goodddddd. I think Bitch awakened and started realising what was happening! And then she noticed the people around her were the crazy S and the crazy crazy yandere. She knows that these guys are freaking creepy! She has reincarnated.


  7. She knows she’s going towards the bad ending and wants his help. Seems like someone took her body over or the automatic action has been turned off.


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