I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Side Story 6

Side Story 6: Henry’s punishment

From Jackie’s father’s perspective.

The troublemaker prince came back to Uruhara——

The news, along with the reason why, spread at a frightening speed.
The reason —— He assaulted the crown prince of the neighbouring country, the Empire of Fox, with cooperation from his butler. Many people, including me, trembled in fear that war might break out over this.

Just around a week before the prince was sent back here, my son, along with another girl, was incarcerated on ‘suspicion of espionage’. Also, the second son of a count from the Empire, who was in the same group as them, was sent here to study abroad here.
In these times, there were worries that the fifth prince of Uruhara directly assaulting the crown prince of the Empire may increase diplomatic tensions, evolving into war.

That was what the people of this country distressed over.

However, the Empire had no thoughts to exaggerate this incident, so what came to our country was a demand to ‘strip Henry of his status of royalty, and to leave him to a person who has a delusional disorder and an obsession for Henry’.
Of course, since he caused this turmoil, it is a given that his status will be demoted.
Normally, a country would execute or imprison one for life to show that ‘the country has no desire for war’.

However, what our neighbour demanded was ‘the act’ that Prince Henry was planning to do on Prince Kyle.

As for me, since I knew Prince Henry’s interest from Jackie’s clairvoyance, I could accept the demand. However, except for the king and the crown prince, members of the royalty — especially Prince Henry’s mother, the first queen, overreacted to it.

“Why does the Empire of Fox want such a harsh treatment to Henry!? It’s enough to confine him!”
“If you think of what Henry tried to do to Prince Kyle, isn’t this a natural request? We should be thankful that we could avoid war!”
“Mother…… You may not know this, but there are already many women in this country that fell prey to Henry. We told him to fix it, and even sent him abroad. But now that he caused trouble even abroad…… we could no longer protect him……”
“My son was tasked with the surveillance of that prince, but due to the influence of that prince’s scheme, my son is now incarcerated there. Since even a butler cooperated with the prince, it’s natural that the Empire wishes for punishment……”

To the queen’s cries, the king, the crown prince and I coolly prospected.
In this conference room, there were also many other senior statesmen, but none dared to speak out and just darted their eyes around restlessly.
They were all thinking that ‘they should abandon the prince’ if it’s to avoid war.
Only Henry’s mother had pity for him.
Even his father and his brother prioritised the state, and decided to cut away a minor royal (Prince Henry).

Normally, to end the seeds of unrest, he would be executed, but if our neighbour demanded that ‘he should face punishment worse than death’ we have to follow.
Everyone accepted the punishment as a reasonable. We could not risk worsening our relations just because the queen wanted to protect ‘her child’.

“If you are doing this out of thought as ‘Henry’s mother’ than as the queen, I must request that you too be confined.”

To the words of the King, which were like an ultimatum, the queen became speechless……
No matter how much she loves her son, she is the queen of a country.
Considering that position, she must accept any bitter choices.

“We too are responsible for neglecting Henry until he caused this problem……”

Many times, the crown prince attempted to reeducate Henry. Yet, every time, the queen got in his way, and just attached a capable butler to clean after Henry. Now, he was indirectly denouncing the queen for her choices.
The real intention behind those words would be ‘it’s your fault for spoiling him’, I suppose……

They were born from the same queen, yet the brothers are so different.
If Prince Henry had at least half as much sensibility as the crown prince, he probably wouldn’t have come to this end……
Since it all came to this as the queen cherished her son that looked like her too much, she could only accept this as from her own doing.


After the treatment towards Prince Henry was decided on, the rest progressed quickly.

There was already a noble who had a delusional obsession for the queen……
So Prince Henry was left to that man.
He will spend the rest of his life imprisoned by him. From here on, Prince — he is no longer a prince anymore. Henry’s life — how he is living — needs to be reported to the neighbouring country as well……
For that task, we, the House of Fine, took it up.

My son — Jackie — seems to be planning to become Prince Kyle’s retainer in the empire.
For us too, it was great that we gained a contact in the Empire, something that we could not even hope for. Although he could no longer return to this country, but the benefit was much bigger.
Jackie seems to have already gained a fiancée there, and is apparently living happily together.

They are planning to marry after Jackie graduates from school next year.
The wife will have to drop out from school, but it was common for ladies to do so.
If they have a child by next year, they may also marry earlier.

It may give him a bad reputation, but because they’re not from the royalty, no nobles criticise premarital sex or premarital pregnancy too harshly.

The only worry left was that the man coming here, the second son of a count, Hughie has the ‘same thoughts’ as Henry……

From the information bureau’s report, it seems that the youngster called Hughie is a splitting example of a rude arrogant noble.
I heard that he is anxious that the authority that he had in his country had no influence here.
At this rate, it would not be strange for him to cause trouble any time, but because of the current situation we cannot send him back either.
Instead, they said that we could punish him however we want whenever we want, so if he does cause any trouble, we will not hold back on the punishments.

Because I believe that is the best I could do for Jackie and my future daughter-in-law……

Quite the stinging punishment……

One more to go.

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10 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Side Story 6

    • Passive?
      Yea, try get locked in the same room with your stalker for life and see how passive it is,

      Or do you mean the punishment towards the kingdom and not Henry?

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      • In the eyes of others, this will always LOOK passive. Nothing happened, no one’s chastity was taken, no one was injured. It’s what everyone sees. Brad and his illicit relations with other nobles caused problems, but he turned into a vegetable as punishment.

        “Aphrodisiac? Get some will power you weakling and hold yourself back.”

        I’m not saying everyone’s very empathetic…

        Also, if all your stalker does is lock you up, then that’s, like, grade 1 yandere…

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  1. can i get happy because of henry punishment???
    i think thats punisment is perfect for him.
    after all he is already a pervert and maybe he wil like the punisment in the future!! hehehe XP
    hughie too will have a hard time in another country.
    but i still want to know what happen with the butler!!!
    what is his punishment???
    my imagine about that is too dark!!! hehe XP
    thanks for the chapter!!!

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  2. Thank you for the good news XD
    Like I’ve said before, Henry..
    an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and backside for backside (。•̀ᴗ-)✧


  3. So far… I think the only one who could give Henry the punishment he deserves is another Henry. As in clone him and have the clone give it. Selfcest, yes. But… it’s still justice.


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