Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — Afterword

The final chapter and the afterword is uploaded together.


“The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife” is now finished.
How many final chapters have you written!? You might say, but it’s really finished now.
It became the longest one out of all my works.

This work received an award at the 3rd Elysium Novel Competition, and it was even published into a book. You never know what might happen in life, I recall thinking back then.
I’m very thankful to the one in charge of design and illustrations, Akaneko (あかねこ)-sensei. No words of gratitude will be enough.

Also, I think working with an editor affected my work a lot.
Just a few words of advice could evolve into a story. I received a lot of help.
The second last line of the final chapter, “Hunting, gathering and eating! That’s all there is, but these are lovely days.” That line was thanks to my editor.
The moment I saw that, I immediately liked it, thinking that it captured the spirit of the novel.
I asked for permission and used it for the final chapter.

The people I want to thank the most are the readers that continued to support me.
Thanks to your support, I could continue until the end, and I even managed to get the novel published.
Thank you very much.

I’ll continue to write stories that will satisfy you.
Thank you so much!

Finally, here are some pictures that Akaneko-sensei drew:


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Translator’s Afterword

Hello everyone, this is Kudarajin (AKA Christina).

It’s already been half a year since I started translating, and I’ve now finished translating my second series. I’ve come quite a long way, if I say so myself.

I felt many things as I worked on this series.
The series, though I am just a translator, felt like my own work. I loved it and hated it as I chewed through the words.
I took up translating this series since I loved it. Back then, I had only read up to the end of the second volume. It was such a sweet story, that I felt that I had to share it with more people.
Now, about half a year later, I finished working on it. I still have three more extra chapters to go, but the main series is finished now.

I would like to thank the readers for their continued support. The likes and the comments instilled me with no little joy, and also imbued in me the strength and willpower to continue seeing the series to the end.
My only complaint might be that it would have been nicer were I to have more people commenting.

Anyhow, now my main project is finished. I’m thinking of going on a break for about a fortnight after finishing the three extra chapters of this series.
For the readers of my other projects, please do not worry, as I will keep working on ‘The Wolf Lord’s Lady’ and ‘At the Northern Fort’.
I hope you will continue taking care of me.

Edit: Heh, funny that this is the 200th post.

53 thoughts on “Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — Afterword

  1. Commenting…*coughs*
    Sorry about that. Every time I read a chapter, I’d end up squealing due to the cute stuff or drooling because of the food. But I rarely commented… Orz. Even so, I really really enjoyed your translation!! Thank you for all your hard work Kudarajin!!

    PS: I’ll do my best to start commenting from now on, though I may end up forgetting to.


  2. one of the most heart warming stories I’ve ever read. I would love to have that kind of life. anyway, thank you for translating this novel and good lick on your future project


    • since it is the end note let’s end it on a good term.
      did I offended you when I read your name wrong as Thunder god bear? You seem to stop replying to all my comments if so I’m sorry about that.

      you see, most of the time people read my name wrong. This name, real nick name, or even my real name. and I found it funny so that’s why.

      btw This one is read as To Kann Ya not Toka nyaaa. It’s a moon festival something that happend to be my birthday. I used it in game too and when someone call me on teamspeak I was like lol wut you call me? my real nick is even harder it’s half sound between Gai and Kai with accent on i not Japannese I but English I. You see that now? most of my American friend’d call my clyne instead. not to mention my real name can’t even be read sometime by my own country men.

      Well, Have a good break.


  3. For all the people that involved in this series(author, translator, illustrator, fellow reader) thank you so much for several month full with warmth and fuzzy feeling.


  4. Thanks for your work, and congratulations on completely translating a series! I have a feeling this doesn’t happen very often… I hope I can at least catch up to the raws with my project…


  5. Thank you for the time you invested in translating this novel.

    You are one of the reasons why i enjoyed my stay in japan for work(7months to be exact).
    Doing late night works everyday really makes people exhausted, stressed and much more lonely. As you are away from the comforts of family.


    reading the story was one of my stress relievers. Thank you so much for your time.. Im home now.. and I would marry you if given the chance haha


  6. You are right. In translating, since even though there is an original text, when trying to find the right words, you take the story and also make it yours. Joys, sorrows, all of your experiences mesh together resulting in a smooth reading flow for us, readers, and for you also, even when trying to convey accurately the author’s own feelings and wording.
    Most certainly almost, if not all, translators share this sentiment. At least, that’s the feeling I get from all the stories I’ve read so far.
    Thank you for this heart-warming voyage and see you next translation.


    • That’s in Estonia. The Sami people live in across Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia, living in the northernmost parts of those countries. The Seto won’t be having polar nights as they’re too far down south for that.
      However, the Seto are also a part of the Finno-Ugric peoples like the Sami, hence the similarities.

      Still, I applaud you for the great work on finding that article. The clothing and the customs do resemble greatly our village in the story.


  7. I am ashamed of myself, I didn’t comment on your awesome work! You really did an astounding job, and as a labor of love no less! Thank you so very much for the ride, that made some of the gloomy days brighter and the good days phenomenal. Kudarajin, you are appreciated, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Though we are separated by distance and time, I (and I’m sure many others) support you and wish you only the best. From the other side of the ones and zeros,
    I will be watching you and your works.

    Sincerely, an impeccable insect.


  8. Hello! I just recently found your translations but I’ve read through a lot of them in a few days! Thanks so much for your efforts! Reading your translationsis definitely one of the highlights of the day. Hope you stay in good health and thanks for translating yukiguni karigurashi~

    p.s. you’re awesome, really


  9. Hello!
    Thank you for translating this wonderful series. I just discover it a few days ago and have had a fantastic time munching (sometimes literally) through the entire story. It would make a wonderful anime.

    I think my favorite line was, “Marriage is a miracle where strangers become family.” Which sums up the series nicely.
    Thank you again.


  10. Thanks for the hard work!
    i really love this series. their lives have somewhat been a part of me as i grew to know more german and finland alcohols and food.
    More so on the warm life in a cold place.

    P.S. I have been informed of the disaster that is of the surstroming due to this 😀


  11. I hate endings but at least we get to see that ritz family will grow bigger and more fluffy. Too bad they weren’t introduced on the regular chapters.


  12. Hey, Kudarajin, thank you so much for translating this. I nearly finished half by a marathon reading but getting headache I paused. Now I read it slower yet suddenly the afterword. Ugh, this series is so good I learn a lot from it such as happiness of marriage and varieties of foods and drinks. I am really in for this kind of stories where each characters are deeply described through everyday means and the slice-of-life setting is so fundamental that I can imagine people realting to it in the real world. Most of all, the initially dutiful manly women turned day by day slowly into a wonderful wife by interactions with a surprisingly comparable and wonderful though seems like an air-headed husband is something that I envy and admire. This is a good read, thank you so much again for translating, Kudarajin! 😀


    ———————- ————————
    —————— TT TT ———————–
    —————— ____ ———————–
    ———————— —————————


  14. Thank you very much for your wotk! Through your efforts warmth and happiness of this story reached much more people than author could manage by themselves. I hope you enjoy your life and wish you happiness.


  15. I’m reading this three years after you have translated it… I stumbled across this novel on a recommended page and thoroughly enjoyed it! What a simple yet beautiful piece of work! And your translation was amazing ! Thank you for bringing this novel to us readers! ❤️


  16. Thank your for translating this novel for us! I’m sorry for not commenting, I guess I was too captivated by the chapters. I’ll try to comment more often from now on.


  17. Thank you very much for translating this,I enjoyed this story so much.Translators have my outmost respect otherwise,I won’t even come across stories like this if it wasn’t because of you guys.
    This story for me I think is refreshing,it feels like I’m also leaving with them there,in rather extreme conditions.It is relaxing eventhough they are always working? Ahhahaha.I also want to have that contentment and bliss of working hard everyday and appreciating every little thing life brings.Like Ritz making food and baths are my luxuries in life so I relate so much to him.His relationship with everyone and with his wife is really heart-melting and diabetes-inducing.Overall,the story is so warm and a delight to read.Again thank you very much.


  18. I cannot believe I found this awesome story and was able to read it to the end! Thanks for translating it!
    It is already about to finish, but I still want to read so much more about everyone…
    Can’t be grateful enough for your time and effort (4 years later…). Thank you very much!

    Still, I do not understand why this site doesn’t have more visits o.O


  19. Arigatou kuda San it will go to my favourite novel the best slice of life with romance, buliding realtonship with other .
    Alsso the FMC is older than MC wich is my type and only I read romance with slice of life with like this .


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