Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — SS1

This is a short story from Ritzhard’s mother, Richelle’s point of view.
I hope you enjoy it.


『Richelle’s Soliloquoy』

Ritchan married.
The wife is Sieglinde-chan, a beautiful red-haired lady.
After Ritchan introduced her to me, when I asked, “Can I call you Linde-chan?” the way she replied shyly was very cute.
The way Linde-chan was looking at Ritchan was very kind, so I ended up feeling relieved.

I wonder if I’m just imagining it if I say that the two of them look more like a friendly older sister and a younger brother than wife and husband? I wonder if I’m thinking that because Linde-chan is older?

I recall Ritchan wanting an older sister when he was little.
It was very hard to say, “an older sister isn’t possible,” to Ritchan who was pleading hard. At the same time, I ended up remembering Ritchan’s sad expression.
He was a spoiled child and easily got lonely, so it would have been nice if he had a kind older sister, I remember talking about such a dreamy thing before.
Thinking about that, I really felt sorry for leaving him alone for ten years. He must have been very lonely and insecure.

However, I was worried about my husband Lukas-san.
After father passed away, he said that his work is finished and that he would be going on a trip. However, he had a face like a man going off to his death.
We were just going to have a short trip and return soon when his mood improved, but his emotional scar was deep and took long to heal.

To be honest, I did not have the courage to face Ritchan.
I thought that we would not be forgiven.
However, Ritchan forgave us.

Indeed, Linde-chan’s presence must have been great, I could tell after seeing the two of them together.

I can’t thank Linde-chan enough.

After returning to the village, we began a new life.
Lukas-san is ever the same, but I think he’s been changing bit by bit.
I could tell that they were compromising so that he would grow an attachment to the village.
Returning after a decade, the criticisms at us were tough, but I knew that they were natural reactions.
I felt that it would be nice if it gradually softens.

A few months later, Ritchan, Linde-chan, and our new family member Arno-chan came back to the village.
I was so happy that tears came out.

Maybe because Arno-chan was born, Ritchan and Linde-chan’s mood felt different.
From feeling like a kind older sister and a spoiled younger brother, they now felt more like a married couple pouring love to their child.

The new life was boisterous and was never without smiles.
Ritchan deeply loved his family and was happy. It really was a miraculous daily life.

In that life, a great change came.
Lukas-san returned to his homeland to present his research.
He said that he didn’t want to go because Arno-chan was too cute. However, he was using state funds, so he had no say in the matter.
People from his home came so he had to leave the village.
When I told him that I’m staying in the village, he looked very shocked. However, he did not have the irresponsible and grim atmosphere like before.
Also, I could tell that he had an attachment to this village. Even if I’m not with him, I felt confident that he would return.

He’s alright now. I don’t have to worry about him anymore.
I could rest assured and send him off.

There’s not much I can do, but this time for sure I need to support Ritchan and others.

A new life began like that.
Linde-chan is a hard worker, working diligently.
She’s shy and reserved, but she is indeed a warm and wonderful person.
Ritchan is still bright and very healthy.
He’s still the spoiled child though, maybe?
I accidentally stumbled upon him leaning against Linde-chan, so mummy apologised so many times.
Arno-chan was growing healthily.
I could see him growing into a handsome boy looking like Linde-chan.
Lukas-san started sending letters regularly. It seems like he can’t bear it, being so curious about how the family is doing.
People can change, I thought happily.

Like that, we’re living leisurely and peacefully every day.
I sincerely pray that we would be able to live happily without forgetting gratitude.

◇The End◇

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I’m back! I’ll finish the three side stories and translate a chapter The Wolf Lord’s Lady today then I’ll start up new main series tomorrow!

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13 thoughts on “Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi — SS1

    • I think his emotional scar is that he’s scared of how will his action and word affecting the people around him. it has been mentioned in the chapter where Lukas and Ritz went to the forest at night.
      I really sympathized Lukas’s situation. he was initially from without emotion and when his emotion was stabilized, he became afraid. which is why he acted what he did.


  1. Nah fuck the mom idk how Ritz could just be like “yeah sure fuck it come live with me in my house” truly a world forgiving fairy.


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