Miniature Garden Chemister — 1-2

Volume 1 — Different World Life, Start
2. God’s Toy

“Erm… Thank you for helping Hana.”
“Don’t mention it. The disease will be cured properly, so rest easy, okay?”

I thanked the boy… the god in front of me and bowed deeply.
Although the current situation is not clear, but according to Takagi-san Hana’s surgery was successful. Not only that, the god told me that she will be cured properly.
Then I remembered that I didn’t tell him my name, so I hastily introduced myself, panicking.

“I’m Kusunoki Hinami. 21 years old, university student.”
“Yup, nice to meet you. …Still, I’m amazed that you’re unfazed even in this sudden darkness.”

After I introduced myself, I felt calmer. Seeing me not make a large reaction, the god was surprised in contrast.
From hearing that Hana is safe, all the strength left my body. I’ve confidence that I won’t be surprised by anything now.

“Hana lived, nothing more could surprise me…”
“I see. Then, remember the exchange condition?”
“Ah…… yes.”

I hesitated a little, but I answered clearly.
I promised to give up my everything.
It’s all quite vague, since there was no specific terms. I wonder what will happen to me. Maybe I’ll be killed, or become a plaything. I thought so, but it’s a god. That chance should be low… I thought for some reason.
I had always thought that gods were just imaginary creations of humans.

“Uwa, aren’t you the very honest girlie?”

The god sat down next to me who was crouching down, matching his eyes to my level.
It felt like I was getting sucked into those blue eyes. For me who had been in the midst of working part-time to help pay for my little sister’s medical expenses, this posture was a little embarrassing, no, very embarrassing and tough.

“Hinami will have to become my toy.”
“Eh…..!? To…y?”
“Ye. I have to stay here alone all the time. I do work sometimes, but normally I am very free.”

“What a soulless reply, fufu. Hinami, you will go to a different world than Earth, the world I am supervising.”

A different world?
No, that might be a usual thing for a god. But I have to wonder what merit he has if he sends me to another world. To be honest, I’m without strength or anything, just a simple girl.

“I’ve a lot of free time, so I’m thinking of watching Hinami’s struggles in another world to kill time.”

I wonder if this is what a god is like. I received a response far beyond my expectations.
Possibly having noticed my expression, he kept talking with a grin.

“Also, there’s another objective. I want you to collect points.”

I asked back as I looked at him.

“Yes. The points are structured so that your actions in the other world will add points. By sending me those points, I can gather the points. Of course, I’ll send you things corresponding to those points, alright?”
“Is there a merit to you if you gather points?”
“Nn—… that’s, a se·cret.”

The god’s lips formed into a crescent. Then his finger approached my mouth and touched my lips. Then, saying, “I’m not telling you,” he smiled mischievously. That moment, my face burst into flames. This kind of thing, it’s the first time…!!
Noticing how I was, he laughed. Embarrassing, I want to crawl into a mouse hole. Just looking at that beautiful face makes me blush, but now my face must be like a boiled squid.
Since I wasn’t sure what the points were I felt a little worried, but if the god’s keeping it a secret, maybe I shouldn’t pry into it. I just have to collect points in return for him helping Hana. There’s no problem once I know that.

“Then, please send me to that world now!”

Maybe because I was flustered, I stood up with some vigour.
Then I would be heading for the other world. Or so I thought, but when I looked at the god he looked startled… I wonder if I did something wrong.

“Ahaha! You’re cute, Hinami! Transferring to the other world without knowing anything? You’ll die~.”

Come to think of it, I don’t know anything other than the fact that I have to collect points.
Moreover, he nonchalantly told me that I’d die. I wonder if the world I’m going to a dangerous place… This is troubling.
I turned my head to avoid the god’s gaze and sat down again. Then, he patted my head. He’s completely treating me like a child……

“Anyway, I’ll explain quickly. The name of the other world is ‘Letisreel’. There are three continents, ‘Sariton’, ‘Mushbarl’ and ‘Agdis’. ‘Sariton’ and ‘Mushbarl’ are continents where there are many humans. ‘Agdis’ is a lush continent where there are a lot of therianthropes and spirits, I suppose. Ah, but, there’s a young, hot-blooded and very warlike emperor ruling over ‘Mushbarl’. You have to be careful when you go there……”

I got a little confused from hearing the names of the continents at once. Now if he starts talking about the countries, I’m not confident if I could remember them all. Maybe knowing that, the god advised, “You can remember the names of the countries at your pace after you get there.” How embarrassing……

“Also, the main races are humans, therianthropes and spirits. There are monsters too, so be careful. I won’t need to explain about humans so I’ll explain about the therianthropes and spirits. All beasts that are not monsters are called therianthropes in a general sense. They’re intelligent and their appearances are the same as humans. But, they have ears or tails. Spirits are a little hard to explain… If I liken it to the games in your world, spirits include elves, dragons and fairies. Well, simply said, mysterious beings that are neither humans nor beasts?”
“I-I see… it’s quite different from Earth.”

To remember it all, I desperately repeated it to memorise it. But thinking about it, this feels like the world of of the game Hana likes… I think. I didn’t play a lot because I had to work part-time, but if it’s the world Hana likes I’ll live a full life there.

“Well, simply said, it’s like a world from a game. Also…..”
“That’s simple… Anyway, that’s easy to understand.”
“Really? Ah, right right. Try saying, ‘Status,’ okay?”
“Eh? Erm, ‘status’!”

The moment I said that, a screen lit up in front of my eyes. Is this a 3D video…? Something like a hologram came into my sight. It was written in Japanese. It seems like something visualising information about me.



<Kusunoki Hinami>

Age: 21
Lv. 1

HP 15/15
MP 20/20

MAG 10
LUK 30


The God Ligris’s Divine Protection



“Ah, it’s like a game…”
“ATK is attacking strength, DEF is defending strength, AGI is agility, MAG is magic power and finally LUK is luck. …Wait, your status is low!!”

Ah, it’s low after all… I did think that the moment I saw this, but actually hearing that is a little shocking. Well, considering that I was an ordinary that did not do sports… is there hope?
The moment he saw my status, the god started pondering something. I wonder if he’s trying to do something because I might die at this rate or something like that. A bit of cold sweat flowed down my body.

“You’ll die quickly like this… But normally people have a magic skill.”
“Magic…! That’s amazing. Can I use it?”
“Well… that depends on your affinities. First, we’ll need to something about your status.”

With a complicated expression, the god grabbed my hands.
From that face, I could tell that my status was lower than expected. I thought that it’s amazing that I managed to get chosen my god. Ah, maybe that’s why my LUK is high? Lucky Girl, or something like that, I wonder.




While I was thinking alone, my body suddenly swayed.
Eh, what just……?

“Okay, success~! Take another look at your status?”

And with those lines, my body floated into the air. Without any time to resist, I was seated on the handsome god’s lap. When I looked at my hands thinking that the way my body fit was weird, my hands were shrinking. My clothes became loose, almost coming off, so I grabbed them quickly in panic.
I looked back at the god to see what it was, but not wanting to tell me anything, he was just grinning…
I gave up and recited, “Status,” again.



<Kusunoki Hinami>

Lv. 1

HP 30/30
MP 45/45

ATK 10
DEF 10
AGI 13
MAG 20
LUK 50

God’s Miniature Garden
Rhapsody of Light (Light Rhapsodia)

The God Ligris’s Divine Protection



“Ah, the status rose…”
“But it’s still weak…”
“Huh, there’s a new skill! Ah, I was curious before too, but what’s ‘The Divine Protection of the God Ligris’?”

The status improved a little and there were two new skills.
I wonder if these are powers given from the god. Nununu, when I was struggling with the screen, he started explaining one by one.

“You see, I gathered up the experience Hinami had and bestowed it back to you.”
“Eh? ……Ah, I’m 13 years old!”

My body grew smaller and the status screen told me that I am 13.

“Well, you just grew a little younger. The experience that Hinami had from the age of 13 to 21 was converted into status. However, your knowledge and skills don’t disappear. It’s just converting ‘the experienced time’. Other than that, there’s no special effect making your mental age become younger, so don’t worry, okay?”
“Uu—… Yes.”
“Okay. First, about the protection. This is proof that I, Ligris, is watching over you. That is shown as divine protection on your title.”
“Eh! So this was god’s name, your name…”
“Right. Also, the skills. As for these, things fitting your affinity are assigned, so I couldn’t choose them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the kind of magic that Hinami wanted, I think?”

While saying that, his finger touched ‘God’s Miniature Garden’ on the status screen. Then, only that part lit up and an explanatory text appeared. This has a convenient structure.

‘God’s Miniature Garden’
A sanctuary protected by god is formed.

“The description’s, a bit, rough…?”
“Fufu, indeed. Well, let’s see… To explain it more easily, Hinami, you’ll be given a house when you go to the other world, and a certain area around that will be protected and keep enemies out.”
“Ohhh, that’s amazing…! So it’s like a barrier?”
“Yeah, something like that.”

Sounds like this will help a lot.
I copied what the god did and touched ‘Rhapsody of Light (Light Rhapsodia)’ below the previous one.

‘Rhapsody of Light (Light Rhapsodia)’
Singing wholeheartedly summons a spirit of light and creates a shield protecting the caster.

“Defence magic… of sorts?”
“Looks like it.”
“I don’t think I have any way to attack, is that alright?”
“Nn, it might be a little dangerous!”

I might die quickly…
Anyway, the skill is ‘singing’. Maybe it’s related to how I’ve been taking lessons in the piano and singing? Though, I stopped when Hana became sick…
Even as I felt very disappointed, I touched god’s protection last.

‘The God Ligris’s Divine Protection’
An exchange diary with Ligris can be written.


“Because, it’ll be tough in a world where you don’t know anything? I think it’s a pretty good deal though.”
“Th-That’s true…!”

Indeed. When I get out of here and into the other world, I won’t be able to contact him without this protection. Certainly, being alone when I don’t know anything is quite tough… Feeling that he was being considerate for me, words of thanks flowed out naturally.

“Hinami, you’re really honest. Anyway, I told you that there will be a house, right?”
“Ah, yes…!”
“Since I can’t just suddenly summon a house in the city, so I build it in a forest. The inside of the house and the garden area inside the fence is perceived as Hinami’s house. Only within those bounds do the skill ‘God’s Miniature Garden’ apply, so remember that.”

So that’s my safe zone…!
I nodded vigorously to let the god know. That must be the line between life and death for me.

“Also, you can walk to the city. Well, it might be a little far though… I picked a low-difficulty forest, so I don’t think there should be much danger.”
“Thank you! I’ll be able to manage it somehow.”

“Yup. Nn— …That’s all from me. Any questions?”
“Eh… erm… I can’t think of one.”
“Well, you won’t know unless you experience it. Write on the diary if there’s anything.”

Somehow, despite being the price I have to pay in return for my wish, it’s more than satisfactory. With my life? Hana will live. I wonder if I was like an older sister one last time…

“Then, shall we. Truth be told, I can’t have people here for too long.”

I nodded a bit and looked at him. He too nodded in response.
Then he embraced me tightly. His warmth could be felt directly. Nothing happened, but maybe because I felt relieved, tears came out a little. Possibly having noticed me, the god gently patted my head.

“Sorry for being forceful? But Hinami is now mine so you can’t escape now…?”
“Fufu, be prepared.”

Then, the god took my hand and touched his lips to the back of my hand.

“Fufu, this is service, free service. Check your status once you arrive in <Letisreel>.”



Without being able to make a retort, I was surrounded in a dazzling light and disappeared from that world of darkness.

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