Miniature Garden Chemister — 1-3

Volume 1 — Different World Life, Start
3. Welcome to the Other World

Feeling something flow down my cheek, I opened my eyes.
I wonder if I was asleep… I slowly raised my body and stretched to loosen my body.


I let out a large sigh.
Okay, I’m in top condition again today!

“Wait, huh…?”

Where is this?

“Ah! Right, I met a god…!”

I had completely forgotten.
It really does seem like the meeting just a while ago was not a dream but reality.
When I looked ahead, there was a forest like he said. There were soft pastel-shaded trees swaying and maybe because it’s a little after rain stopped there were water droplets on leaves glistening against the light.
[1]. I stood up and looked at my body. Now 13, I’m quite small compared to when I was 21. Maybe a present from the god, I was wearing not the loose-fitting part-time work uniforms but clothes that fit my 13-year-old body. I was wearing a top with wide sleeves, a flared skirt that reached a little short than my knees, no, culottes which looked like that. And, I had knee socks and brown boots on.
However, even though my body shrunk, I have knowledge of a 21-year-old. I’m sure there won’t be any problems living… I hope.
Fortunately, I’ve been doing housework in place of my parents who both worked, so I have basic knowledge. Recently, I’ve been making sweets often. Because Hana was tired of hospital food.

I turned body and looked around. It was all forest… but no, there was a very large stump behind me. When I looked closer, there was a door and windows. Also, there was a fenced area around the stump.

“Is this the house the god gave me?”

The area I was standing in was also inside the fence. Thus, this here is the safe zone where ‘God’s Miniature Garden’ is in effect. I felt relieved that I won’t suddenly be attacked by monsters.
A side of the fence looked to be about 30 metres. It was surrounding the stump house and the somewhat large garden around it.
There were three small fields prepared, with vegetables such as tomatoes and capsicums growing in one field. There wasn’t anything planted on the other two fields, just soil.
About half of the garden were the fields, and the other half was a rough lawn of grass…

“Anyway… this stump is really big, isn’t it……?”

Could this world… have such large trees? I can’t imagine how many of myself will be needed to surround the house with my arms.
I crossed the garden and went in front of the house. When I gazed sidewards, there was a well. Also, there were flowers of various colours around the house so it felt quite warm.
I wonder if the god raised these…?
I felt as though there was a tight sensation in my heart… I remembered how the god kissed the back of my hand at the last moment. My face must be red right now……



“P, Please excuse me…?”

I knew it was my house, but if this was someone else’s place, not mine, it would be embarrassing… so I opened the door carefully. There was a little bell on the door, playing a tone that I entered the house.

“Waa… Cute……”

I felt like I was wandering in a fairytale, like one where the little dwarves live in.
When I took a quick look around, it was a so-called studio apartment. Right after I entered, there was a round wooden table and two chairs to my left. And further inside was a kitchen, and more than half the wall of the stump were shelves. Across from the table, on my right, there was a bed. Next to the bed, there was a room… toilet?
After I took a few steps into the room, my eyes wandered over to the letter on top of the table. On the envelope, ‘To Hinami’ was written, and on the back was ‘Ligris’, the god’s name.
Aah, this is is my home after all, I confirmed and slowly opened my letter.



To Hinami,

If you’re reading this letter now, than it means you arrived safely at the house.
I’ll explain about the house which I didn’t have time to explain about before.

First, there’s a bookshelf on the wall next to the bed.
There’s only a little right now, but you can increase them if there’s anything you like. Here I put in three books. First is the ‘exchange diary’, please use it every day. Second is a book containing maps and general information on this world, ‘Letisreel’. Finally, I made it so that a book fitting Hinami the best will go in. So I don’t know what book it is. See for yourself.

Next, about the kitchen:

I have basic things furbished so use them if you’d like. However, unlike Japan, has magic, it’s a fantasy world. So the fundamental concepts are different.
Things that were powered through science are powered through magic here. The water supply and the stove are ‘magic tools’ made using ‘magic stones’. These are great products that can used even without mana. There probably are easily noticeable switches, so press them to use.
Ah, I made sure that the water will be drained properly.

Ah, right right, I forgot something important. About the points!
A list of the methods to earn points and items that can be exchanged are written there. Please reference that and earn points. For me.

And finally……

I’m sorry for suddenly sending you to another world. However, I’ll watching over you all the time, so please call me if there’s anything.

May there be happiness wherever Hinami goes…

– Ligris

“God… thank you!”

I tightly embraced his letter.
And after that, I looked at the bookshelf that was there as he said. Since there was a book for me, I’ll take look at that. Before that, I tried opening the door next to the bookshelf. Mm, it’s a toilet. What a relief. Truly.

“I wonder if this is the book befitting me? …Book of Chemistery?”

What I had in my hand was a green book with plant leaves and flowers on the cover.
When I skimmed through it, it was a book with procedures on concocting potions and raising plants.

“Let’s see… health restoratives (high potions) and mana restoratives (magic potions). So these are the potions… for the better ones, there are crimson restoratives (garnet potions) and deep sea restoratives (marine potions).”

I wonder what this is. Something like a pharmacist, I think?
By the way, the ingredients were written down too.



“Health Restorative (High Potion)”
Health grass, water, phial.

“Mana Restorative (Mana Potion)”
Blue grass, water, phial.

“Crimson Restorative (Garnet Potion)”
Red grass, orange grass, water, phial.

“Deep Sea Restorative (Marine Potion)”
Azure grass, magic stone powder, magic water, phial.



I wonder what’s up with this.
The ingredients are written on it, but the production methods are not…? Ah, it’s there. I didn’t think it’d be on the last page…

“The ingredients other than the phial are put into a pot and boiled down for a night then cooled. Afterward, the extract without the impurities is the restorative (potion). …Eh, it’s hard?”

What should I do?
Well, I learned that it was hard. Let’s slowly put it back on the bookshelf. When I was about to close the book, the last sentence caught my eye and I let out a loud voice out of surprise.

“Ah! ‘However, it could also be created through special methods using divine protections,’ it says!”

There was a very small sentence at the end of the book. I almost missed it.
Right, I remember him telling me to check my status. I hastily shouted ‘status’ and looked at ‘Ligris’s Divine Protection’.



Age: 13
Lv. 1

HP 30/30
MP 45/45

ATK 10
DEF 10
AGI 13
MAG 20
LUK 50

God’s Miniature Garden
Rhapsody of Light (Light Rhapsodia)
Angel’s Voice (Sanctuary)

The God Ligris’s Divine Protection



“There’s another skill…! What about god’s protection…?”

‘The God Ligris’s Divine Protection’
An exchange diary with Ligris can be written.
The divine skill ‘Angel’s Voice (Sanctuary)’ can be used.

‘Angel’s Voice (Sanctuary)’
By playing melodies, power can be gained.
Effect: Accelerating growth of plants, minerals, etc. Shortening compounding processes.

“……You know, the skill sounds grandiose, but the effect is simple?”

It’s that, right.
I’m not a fighter but someone who produces.
However, I’m not good with disturbing things like fighting. Even if I am told to fight with swords in a world with monsters, I still can’t do it. I can say that for sure.
Anyway, if I have a talent in making potions, I can rest easy even if I get wounds. Also, I might be able to sell these for money.



“Also, the kitchen is somehow cute but strange…”

The kitchen had a cute pink shade, and there was a mushroom patterned mat laid out. There was a cutting board, knives, a pot and a frying pan. Also, there were a few tableware such as dishes and cups on the shelf right next to it.
At the place which I think is a stove, there was stone? like a pot stand. It had a round shape and there was a picture of a flame at the middle. Incidentally, I also found a transparent stone? with the same flame picture. Even as I felt a little confused, when I touched that, fire came from the round stone.

“Ah! How amazing…!!”

This is magic… no, a magic tool. I got interested.
Also, there was a hole like a sink. This is definitely the water magic tool. When I looked closer, it was there. There was a vase on top of the sink, with a small flower. Then there was a round water droplet picture on the leaf of that plant. When I gently pressed that with eyes filled with anticipation, water came flowing out of that small flower.


Ah, unconsciously blurted that out.
But, water coming from a flower, it’s a bit, wow, cute and nice..!
I can cook and dine here. The kitchen here is amazing and cute, it’s a waste on me. Let’s use it preciously. Thank you god.

Then… Right, let’s check the exchange diary.
I sat down on the bed and opened the exchange diary. And on the first page were the methods to obtain the points.



[Current points: 0]

[Exchange Diary] 3
[Compounding a restorative (potion): low] 1
[Compounding a restorative (potion): mid] 2
[Compounding a restorative (potion): high] 3
[Compounding a restorative (potion): special] 5
[Hunting a monster: D] 5
[Hunting a monster: C] 10
[Hunting a monster: B] 20
[Hunting a monster: A] 50
[Hunting a monster: S] 100
[Hunting a monster: The Demon Lord] ∞ (Infinite)
[Other: special] Adequate points depending on the situation.

[In addition, as the number of possible actions increase, the number of entries will increase.]

I see… I can get the points through writing the exchange diary or through making restoratives (potions)! Then even I might be able to get points. Also there was something that caught my eye. [Hunting a monster: The Demon Lord] ∞ (Infinite). Well this is… Yup, let’s pretend I didn’t see it.
On that note, I checked what I could exchange for the points.



[Current points: 0]

[Farming kit] 10
[Vase: small] 1
[Vegetable seeds set] 10
[Herbs set] 10
[Bottles: x100] 3
[Bath] 30
[Room] 50
[Rooftop] 50
[Basement] 10

[In addition, as the number of possible actions increase, the number of entries will increase.]



“Ohh… wait, a bath…!!”

There weren’t many things I could exchange. However, there was [bath]. Shouldn’t I be getting that right now…!? However, it costs 30 points. I have 0 points now…
For now, let’s write today’s diary and earn 3 points.
But, if it’s only that, it’ll take 10 days for 30 points… that’s too much. There definitely has to be another way. I’ll write about that too and ask the god a little about it.

On the exchange diary, I thanked him again for helping Hana and about what I experienced today.

I wrote about how I was moved because the forest was very beautiful, and about the new skill. I also wrote about how the house was very cute. At the end, though I think it’s quite shameless, I honestly asked, ‘Is there a trick to earning points?’
I’ll end with this for today and I’ll do my best starting tomorrow.

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[1] Japanese word for heave-ho, but can be used in a cutesy way.

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  1. Rune factory!!!
    It’s got a house, fantasy setting, diary for saving, pharmacy skills, growing crops, fighting monsters, level ups and statuses, monsters (I wonder if she will raise monsters too~?), money elements (points) to exchange for better furniture, equipment and items, AND the house is a little further away from the “village” or “town”!!

    I love this story already~

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  2. This god is way too genre-savvy, if he had just left bath off of the list, she would be happily not earning barely any points for a LONG time-but he knows how Japanese MC’s are…. XD

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  3. Boiling a pot of herbs over night is hard? But accelerating growth of plants and mineral is simple? Gurl, you’ve been there for 10 minutes and your common sense already broke. Ehehehe


  4. [I wonder what’s up with this.
    The ingredients are written on it, but the production methods are not…? Ah, it’s there. I didn’t think it’d be on the last page…

    “The ingredients other than the phial are put into a pot and boiled down for a night then cooled. Afterward, the extract without the impurities is the restorative (potion). …Eh, it’s hard?”]

    – oi, what about the ratio?! how much water to how much grass would be 1 potion?! that’s very important in recpies (unless the procces is automated like most productions in RPG)


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