Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai — 15

I turned six!




I, Alfried, am currently studying.

After I turned six, my education stared. I study how to write polite sentences, mathematics and sometimes history. It should have begun with memorising letters, but because I knew them already I ranked up.


The person next to me who is getting a headache from numbers is Eleanora-neesan. Eleanora-neesan is twelve.
The improvement in her swordsmanship is noteworthy, that according to Nord-tousan she has enough skills to enlist in a knightly order. Even including the neighbouring village, only Nord-tousan and best her.
She’s going to an unreachable place now.

In contrast, her studies aren’t going well. No, you can’t say, “Why is it like that?” after looking at the numbers. It’s just like that. I’m not sure about complicated theories myself though.


Further inside, Silvio-niisan was working silently. Silvio-niisan likes studying, he’s amazing. He’s only nine but he can do divisions very well. Amazing—. He was looking closely at the numbers and flowingly wrote down the answers.

It’s annoying how his recent growth made him even more handsome. But when I say that, he smiles shyly and says, “That’s not true”. What an ikemen……

Currently, his popularity among the old ladies or the village girls are increasing. Could they be shotacons…… I thought, but then again, this is world where marrying early is natural. Turning fifteen years old means becoming an adult. There are many people aiming for Silvio-niisan.


And, the maker of the questions and the supervisor is our mother Elna-kaasan. Her family is a pretty big trading company, so she’s good at numbers. Since she knows the importance of writing and mathematics, she’s a little strict on teaching.

“Al, what’s wrong? Is it too hard?”

“This is tiresome…… I want to play.”

No, I know. I can solve this easily. The problem is, I’m afraid that there may be more. I’m waiting for the words that raise a child’s motivation.

“I know you want to play, but studying’s important too—?”

“I know. Studying also protects me and makes me better.”

Seeing me drooping, Elna-kaasan sighed.

Huh? This makes me like a bad child.
No, but if I’m six, this much is natural, right?

“Then, if you can solve that, you can go play.”

“Okay, yes!”

I was waiting for that!
The feather pen felt lighter and I quickly filled in the paper with numbers. These calculations are easy as pie.

“It’s quite hard today—?”

“Really! It’s hard today!”

“Eleanora’s questions are from last week though?”


Next to me, Elna-kaasan and Eleanora-neesan were talking about something but I couldn’t hear it.


“Ehh? You’re already finished?”

“Alfried-sama, we haven’t checked the answer though?”

When I was about to exit the room after handing in the sheet of paper, I was caught by Sara-san who was standing still and waiting.

Recently, it feels like the maids are treating me roughly. Last time, Mel grabbed me by the back of my neck.

I was returned to the desk (restraint) like a cat.

Elna-kaasan checked my answers with a serious expression, stood up a few minutes later and let out a great sigh.

“All correct. You can go.”

Her expression is a little awkward, but I don’t care.


“Eh—! Al, going off alone, that’s unfair!”

“Yes, yes, why don’t we revise the basics, Eleanora—?”

While listening to Eleanora-neesan’s cute complaints, I exited the studying room (prison).

Ah—, I didn’t know the air of the world was this sweet. I might understand how a person coming out of prison might feel.

“Did you finish studying already?”

When I went out to the corridor, Nord-tousan walked over.

“Yup. I solved them quickly so I finished early! So I’m going to go play now……”

“I see. Dad just finished work too. Let’s practice swordsmanship now!”

After hearing only half of what I said, Nord-tousan happily grabbed my hand started walking toward the courtyard.

“Eh—? But sword training is at noon.”

“It’s alright. Your body must have grown stiff from sitting for too long, right? Let’s train together sometimes.”

Well, communication with my parents is important too. My magic training’s going well, so why don’t I put some effort into the sword.


There was a time when I used to think that.

“Your hand is stiff, relax here and when swinging down.”


“No. Lower your elbow.”


“Don’t swing only with your arms.”


“Now, swing one hundred times.”


Uuu, the only experience I had with the sword was when I fooled around doing kendo during PE.

My posture was corrected so many times, but I somehow managed to finished it by lunch.

Aah, the meaning of finishing studying early has.

“You’ve got better. I’ll go easier at noon, let’s do our best.”

So we’re doing it at noon too……

“Ah—! Al, doing swordsmanship training, that’s unfair! I wanted to do it together!”

Seeing me and Nord-tousan with wooden swords, Eleanora-neesan stamped her feet. It looks like Eleanora-neesan had been in the studying room (prison) until now.


After lunch, I headed to the courtyard again.

Already, Eleanora-neesan and Silvio-niisan were staring at each other with wooden swords in their hands.

They’re probably sparring.

Eleanora-neesan looked like she was enjoying it, resembling a hunter who found a prey, but for Silvio-niisan, his face was stony, because he dislikes it or because he was forced to do it. When I looked at his feet, his legs were shaking like a newborn pony.

I wonder how many losing scenarios Silvio-niisan is imagining now.


The moment I said that, Eleanora-neesan closed the distance in a moment.

Silvio-niisan panicked at my sudden signal, but he calmly blocked Eleanora-neesan’s downward swing.

Then after about four or five clashes, Silvio-niisan’s thrust was aimed for Eleanora-neesan’s chest, but she flowingly avoided it and softly hit Silvio-niisan’s head.

But it still looked like it hurt, because Silvio-niisan was moaning “Ah—!” while clutching his head.

Seeing that, Eleanora-neesan, me, and Nord-tousan who was next to me before I knew it laughed.

Watching from afar, Elna-kaasan and the maids looked on contentedly.

Ah, it’s peaceful again today.

“Al, you wanna do it too?”


To Eleanora-neesan’s offer, I declined in a refreshing voice.

But then, Nord-tousan said, “Try as much as you can,” so when I reluctantly took up the challenge the same thing happened as what happened to Silvio-niisan and I was laughed at by everyone.


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