I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 03

Idle Talk: A butler’s domain (Daniel)

Author: the cheat-like settings for the Daniel  everyone(?) likes.

I am Daniel, Kyle-sama’s exclusive butler.

It has only been three years since I became His Highness Kyle’s exclusive butler, but as I have served the royal family before that I knew His Highness from a long time ago.

Before I may discuss His Highness, I believe that I should first explain what a butler is.

In this world, only members of a certain race can become butlers.
Humanoid races with magic are all called daemons, and of those only those capable of ‘using magic with a sound mind’ may become butlers.

To see if we have the capability to become butlers, we receive professional education from a young age. Those without potential are quickly excluded, and even then only a selected few may become butlers.
At school we are taught the concept of ‘domains’. It is an important concept on the flow and fate of the world and our desires.
If we make our own moves, we may end up changing the world too easily.
Thus we receive various education on etiquette and within those classes destiny.
Then only those who fully understand ‘domain’ are selected and receive our qualifications in the ‘room of baptism’.
There are many who are not qualified, so there are less than a dozen butlers graduating every year.
Of course, we cannot graduate until we are qualified, but age does not matter, I believe.
Daemons, in comparison to humans, enjoy longevity so there is no restriction on learning. It is more honourable to be qualified as a butler than it is to graduate early.

After we are baptised, we are enrolled in the association and are graded according to our power.
These grades may change, but I have yet to see a butler’s grade change.
I wonder if I can witness that once in this long life…?

Anyhow, after we become butlers,
We are allowed to pick our future workplace among the commissions. Here, higher ranking butlers may choose earlier.
There are some commissions that do not get any butlers appointed for many years.
Therefore, regardless of status, there are houses that have many butlers as well as houses that can only spare a few butlers.
Those houses do not require as many butlers. In other words, they are houses about to fall to ruin, and have less importance.
The butlers have the final say. It is also rather common to see butlers break their contract after their original masters have passed away.
Our life expectancy is long, so there is no real value in serving a house even after the original master has passed away.

When we hold the commission documents in our hands, we can see the future of the commissioner and ourselves. The future is not set in stone, but there is high chance of if happening, so it helps greatly in selecting our master.
Also, the stronger our powers are, the accuracy of our clairvoyance increases, allowing us to see different possibilities as well.
Of course, there are many uncertain elements so we cannot see more than a hundred years into the future.
That does not change no matter how strong our powers are.


I received the best records and was allowed to become a butler. However, I noticed something strange as I was leafing through the documents.
All the futures from this one country was uncertain.
There was something causing that in that country.
What was the uncertain aspect?
I wanted to know what was causing it, so I gathered all the documents from that country.
Among them, my clairvoyance did not work at all on the royal family. It was certain that the royal family had a random factor.

When I discovered that, I became very excited, like a little child.

Thus, I requested to be appointed as the royal family’s butler.


Now then, about the royal family in question……

His Highness Kyle has two younger siblings, Prince Abel, who is two years younger, and Princess Lilith, who is three years younger.
Prince Abel is innocent and naïve. I believe that running the country will be too much of burden for his mental health.
Princess Lilith is bold, and has the greatest potential as a queen, but her tastes in men are bad so it might not be the best choice to let her run the country.
Finally, Kyle-sama was a very earnest worker. Aspiring to become a good king in the future, he studied various subjects, and endured the pressure placed on him.
It is rather nice, but frankly I thought he was boring.
He was just a good boy. I could not find anything interesting in him.

So, at first, I considered refusing the offer to become his exclusive butler.
However, my intuitions told me to become his exclusive butler so I tried it out for now.
A daemon’s life is long, so I thought it might be interesting. Of course, there was also the fact that I could break the contract any time I wanted.
Now, I really think it was a wise choice.

Until recently, Kyle-sama was indeed very boring.
It might have been more interesting to serve Louis-sama or Angelica-sama.
However, everything changed since Kyle-sama collapsed the day before this year’s entrance ceremony.

From then on his personality changed…… or rather, mixed?
His earnest and warm-hearted personality remained the same, while his ability to observe and judge became sharper. Also, instead of taking care of everything by himself, he started enlisting other’s help, freeing up some time for himself. He also started to utilise me better, shall I say?
Well, his character tilted slightly to the darker side, but he became more charismatic.
Although I said his personality worsened, it is fitting for a man of his age to act that way.
Kyle-sama has now become someone fit to be called ‘his highness’.
As I also receive his thoughts a little, I am having some trouble trying not to laugh nowadays.

Now I am certain. The ‘random factor’ of this country is His Highness Kyle.

“Soon, there will be changes in the personnel, so there may be problems regarding the heirs of important Houses, so wish to make preparations for that. Also, about a month later, Robert and Jessica will annul their engagement, so there may be some conflict with Henry from the neighbouring country. As for Henry, I am planning to cause his downfall, so it should be fine, but please contact the related divisions in advance.”

After Kyle-sama became His Highness Kyle, he thus told me……
It was as if he received divinations from God.
What will happen to His Highness Kyle and how will he respond to them……
The future events and response of youngsters to them. Thinking of that, I face curls into a grin.
I really think that His Highness Kyle is a very intriguing genius.
So I secretly pledged myself to continue serving him.

I never knew that serving someone could be this fun.

Author: more to come later.

TN: Can I have a butler please? I think butlers are more capable than the actual elites of the countries.

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52 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Idle Talk 03

  1. well well well … is he related to a certain Black Butler?
    him being a daemon is quite a surprise but… we all knew already that this butler was different . . . but to think all of them ninja butlers in this story are all daemons … well well well~~~

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  2. Stories like this, the butler is like the ultimate behind the scenes badass. Can’t wait to see him in action(read I should say).

    Looking forward to the next chapter.

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  3. Wait, so Daniel can actually use magic and see the future?
    Kyle wasn’t paranoid?

    I guess that Daniel wouldn’t have become Kyle’s butler in the original route (the one where Kyle doesn’t remember anything)

    And Kyle’s instructions are quite scary. He is basically saying that a bunch of people will fall (with his help) and that Daniel should take actions to soften the impact that their fall will have…

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  4. Thanks for the chapter. Does Kyle knows that Daniel is a daemon? P.S. Daniel good decision in choosing Kyle, your life is about to get even more interesting. 😉

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  5. Wow… This… This actually was really unexpected. Nit the Daemon part but in how Daniel holds Kyle in high regards. I thought this would be like-

    My master (lol) is hard to not to tease.

    But oh well, it was a good chapter. Never expected Daniel to actually read Kyl’s thoughts xD

    Thanks for the chapter Kudarajin!!

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  6. This butler thing is just unneeded in this story, rather cheap and stupid. It feels like it is that extra addition that should differ from any other normal otome story. As for me it just lame and annoying. I mean Who in world with such powers would like voluntarily become butlers or high-end servants! Moreover doomed atleast several centuries! Really! I should consider it would more plausible/properly if the house educated them themselves from young. Since some of them might be familiar or atleast feel obliged/grateful/responsible…

    But for the rest story is fine till now


  7. So they are like shinigamis or guardian angels. Wait Magic exist in this world?! Sign up the MC! I think the Mc is smart but he needs to choose his wording better so it would seem like a dedication then a prediction


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