I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The mystery deepens

By the time I returned to my room, the drinks were already prepared. I asked Louis to sit down and sat down as well.
When we sat down, Daniel swiftly brewed us new drinks.
Once he’s finished with brewing tea, he silently melts back into the background.

As I sipped on my coffee, I absentmindedly thought, ‘I’d like to drink green tea after a meal.’

“My apologies, sir.”

Daniel reappeared by the side of the table.
He held a new kettle in his hand.
He gently placed new tea cups that had calligraphy of fish on them. On those pre-heated cups, he poured tea.
Daniel, he’s really too good.
On top that that, these cups. Where did he even get these?

I have so much I want to ask, but I’m too tired today.
So I’ll refrain from being nitpicky today!

I sink into the chair and enjoy the green tea. I hadn’t though I would be able to enjoy green tea in this world, so I’m doubly touched.
Back in Japan, I always had Houjicha or loose leaf tea. Though since I didn’t have any strong feelings, I didn’t take the proper measures and just threw the leaves into a kettle, enjoying the boiled water.
(TN: About the tea, they’re both green tea leaves, just one is roasted and one is not. I’m not familiar with tea stuff in English so please forgive me for the bad TL)

“Fuu… green tea after a meal is the best.”

My tired body relaxes itself in reaction to the green tea.
Feeling happy, I breathed out a sigh of satisfaction.

Across from me, Louis carefully tasted the new tea. It might have been to his liking, since he was smiling happily.

“It’s the first time I had this, but it’s pretty good. Fits the mood now.”

To see a handsome foreigner drink green tea from a fish calligraphy cup, it was rather surreal.
……Ah, I’m also a handsome foreigner now!



Taking a breath thanks to the tea, we exchanged new information about Bitch.

According to Daniel’s reports, Bitch’s mother was influential in forming her personality.

Bitch’s mum is a so-called ‘refined courtesan’, not easily allowing men of all kinds to approach her, quite famous in her field.
When she was still in the field, it seemed that there were many men surrounding her. Saying hot passionate words, giving various gifts…… Many people tried to captivate her.
Among all those people, only those chosen by her had permission to touch her.

Happy to see her face, lucky to speak with her, blessed to spend a night with her.
That was what went around.

One of the few blessed to spend a night with her was Baron Rhône.
However, although it is unknown whether it was on purpose or not, Bitch’s mother ended up getting pregnant. She then was forced to become a concubine.

Thinking of the various circumstances, Bitch might not be the Baron’s child. Even so, Baron Rhône seized this opportunity to get Bitch’s mother.
To avoid the jealousy of his wife and other men, he kept her secluded in a villa.
Yet, she continued to bewitch men there.
She did nothing but just be there. She never exceeded that bound, just smiling to control men. No, the men just moved on their own.
Most didn’t even show up at the villa, but every day there were gifts for Bitch’s mother.

Growing in that environment, Bitch came to think that it was normal. Inheriting her mother’s talents, she too was bewitching men.
However, there is one big difference that sets Bitch and her mother apart.
Bitch’s mother moved around without causing much trouble, but as Bitch was acting on her intuitions, she could not stop herself from causing trouble. As a result, she caused quite a few accidents and ended up here.



Louis and I were very disappointed at these reports.
It was surprising to hear that there was a courtesan of that calibre, but it was more alarming to hear that bitch who inherited her talents (if only she had the brains to use them properly……) was roaming around freely.
Taking into consideration Bitch’s influence in school, the country may just be shaken apart.

Even if we make a move now, more problems will pop out. Could there be more……?

“Just…… Let’s just ask Prince Henry from the neighbouring country to take her away as a souvenir. If he takes her, she can no longer cause trouble here.”
“Indeed…… that would be the best, right?”

We locked our eyes together and croaked out a dry laughter.



Next up is Louis’s report……

“Now, Jessica’s face then was so cute, I just wanted to tease her. Hey, are you listening?”

He boastingly started recounting the time when he was investigating into Bitch’s rumours.

“So I want to slowly close the gap between us and make her think that I love her more than Robert…… Then I want to get engaged to her before we graduate.”
“Why are you making such a detailed plan? Your rivals are gone, you can get her quickly now.”
“I want to prioritise her feelings…… I already talked to House Rowling, and they said they were waiting for such a situation for ten years already, so I wouldn’t mind waiting a few more years……”
“Louis, you……”

Louis is really handsome when he says that with his sweet gaze.
Waiting for his love to come by her own will……

I was deeply moved by his ‘love’, but then he looked at me and grinned.

“But I want to love her quickly so I have to persuade her as much as I can, eh? Just hunting is not enough. I have to show her the way while I slowly surround her, you see?”

Wait what!

I take that back! Give my feelings back!
And Jessica, run! Run with all your strength!
The devil’s watching you with hunter’s eyes!?

But it’s Louis. It should be fine.
I think it should lead to the happiest outcome for Jessica as well.

The heartbroken Jessica will be healed, and my friend will achieve his long desired love, so I do think it’s a good thing, you know?
However, I don’t even have time for a date with Angelica…… So dizzyingly tiring everyday……
It can’t be helped, could it? Well, it is my job, I know.

Here I should celebrate my friend’s happiness……

Louis, congratulations! And…… go explode!!



For a while, I continued to listen to Louis’s report which was at the same time his love story, but there was something that intrigued me.

“Sometimes, Bitch’s eyes go blank and she moves somewhere else. Then, there was Henry, Jackie, Hughie and Brad there. It was scary, seeing her move as if she knew that they were going to be there. She said some strange stuff like ‘just according to the divination!’. But sometimes she goes to places where nobody is, where she tilts her head in amusement, saying ‘the divinations miss often these days,’ or something.”

…… Um……, What am I to think about this?
I had suspicions in a corner of my mind that she she might be a reincarnated person.
However, her actions are supposedly according to ‘divinations’.
I thought it might be because of the game, but then it would not lead her to places where there’s no-one.
What’s going on?
I feel uneasy at not being to predict her now. I can no longer plan countermeasures.

When I was frowning from uneasiness, someone placed a gentle hand on my shoulder. I knew who it was without even turning around.
It was Daniel.
When I looked at him, he just silently smiled at me.
I calmed down seeing that.
Whatever happens, the psychic Daniel is here. It’s a baseless guess, but just the thought makes me relieved.

When I did not have enough information on Bitch, I only acted on the information i already had. There might have been some unwise choices, but it all worked out somehow.
Now, I no longer have to do it alone. Everyone’s helping out.

I relaxed a bit, thinking it would work out one way or another.

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47 thoughts on “I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 15

  1. A divinations, interesting, that mean ‘something’ told her about it.
    Or maybe just a fragment of memory of someone else. Anyway, chance of her being another reincarnator is low.

    Uugh.. I need more sugar for my brain to continue… Please bring me the Angelanium.

    – Kogaan for your better day!!

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  2. oh~ is bitch really another reincarnated person??
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  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    Did the last line end in past tense? It gives a bad feeling when anything ends in past tense. One is that it’s just the ending of that chapter. The second is… something major happening which forks to a different development.
    I hope it’s just the past tense end and not an escalated development.
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      • Didn’t mean that as a complaint, just an observation. The way the text was formatted in the previous theme (the one with the green backdrop) just made it easier to sit back and read from afar. This one feels a bit “squished”. Anyway, just use whatever you like, or whatever makes life easier for you. I’m just a leecher, after all. Thanks for all your hard work.

        …. and MC should just give Bitch to Henry and let Daniel destroy the country. Problem solved. Actually, MC should go sleep and let Daniel become MC.

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  6. Ehm, I was just reading the previous chapters and realised that before the author said that bitch was a daughter of a maid and now she became a daughter of a courtesan… It seems the author forgot about that.


    • Ah, now that I think about it, you are right. However, no one ever said that misinformation wasn’t given. The Baron can’t just go around telling the world that his daughter is the child of a prostitute… cough cough, courtesan and that he sent her to a high class school. He is trying to get rid of her after all.


  7. well if it was his sister i think id bang my head a few time out of laught

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  8. Thanks for the chapter!!! This does explain a lot about her though. She never thought it was weird in how she was helping guys cheat on their fiances and how she tried to affectionately snuggle up to a prince who was just in a lovey dovey moment with his fiance instead of minding their “erotic” behavior. In fact, we have yet to see her make any real female friends.

    Now that I think about it, she was raised by a courtesan…. Oh god, please tell me the mother make absolutely sure that her daughter didn’t see anything inappropriate when near her. She is already near dump as a box of rocks, and I can only imagine what she may do if she learned too much of the wrong things……. However, it is kinda sad that no one bothered to help correct her behavior and better educate her. They should be able to restrain her with magic somehow. Plus, my guilty conscious feels bad that they are allowing an possibly innocent idiot continuing her path of destruction.

    As for Jessica, we readers should just hope that she hasn’t turn crazy. There is still hope for her as long as she didn’t stop believing in love and didn’t start dealing with questionable practices as a form of escapism. I will just wishing for the best for her.

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